Zebra Plant 'Aphelandra'

daniellalellDecember 28, 2007

My son just got me one of these as an xmas present. A few of the leaves are dry and crinkly, one has a rip in the middle and is getting crinkly around the rip. Can I trim these leaves off?

It came very rootbound in a tiny 5" pot. Even though it is in bloom, I felt I should as the roots were actually growing over the sides of the pot at the top. I just re-potted it yesterday, I didnt mess with the root system, it came right out in pot-form, dirt and all..was mostly roots it seemed.. and that's how i put it in the new pot. Fresh soil under and around the edges of existing soil. Gave it a good watering, as it was bone dry.

Should I have waited to re-pot? And can I trim the leaves? I don't want the dying leaves to take anything away from the rest of the plant, especially since its blooming.

thank you,


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jennifer1(z6 MO)

The leaves were dry and crinkly because it was bone dry. You might want to pull it out of its new pot and loosen up at least some of it's roots. Otherwise it won't know it's in a bigger pot. You can freely remove any bad leaves. The Zebra Plant likes moisture, so water freely. If you forget, it will let you know with droopy leaves that will perk up not too long after you water. Usually you will loose a leaf or 2 if it droops from no water.

The Zebra likes very bright indirect light indoors - some morning sun would be ideal. Just keep it watered well and it should do well. I read once that the bottom leaves won't grow back once they die off but I am not so sure that is true.

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Thanks Jennifer!

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Mine has got a rip in the middle of a leaf. Is it anything I should worry about?

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