Calophyllum (beauty leaf trees)

gardenbysarasotaDecember 30, 2012

I was just on vacation in South Florida and found that Beauty leaf (calophyllum) trees are commonly planted
as street trees. Does anyone know if they will grow
as far north as Sarasota which is about 50 miles south
of Tampa? Because I've never seen one here I'm thinking
they are very tender maybe zone 10b. If they grow in
zone 10a they could make it along our coastlines. They
are a very attractive tree that gives a very tropical


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I have a Beauty Leaf, Calophyllum inophyllum, it's very slow growing. Mine is about 10 metres tall although they do get a lot taller. Don't know what their cold tolerance is but they're very worthwhile to grow if you can.

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Thanks for letting me know that they are very slow growing.
How cold does it get where you live? Here in the part of
Florida where I live it gets into the low to mid 30 degree
range farenheit a couple of times a year and every couple
of years for a short time in the 29 degree farenheit range.


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They're very common along the coast here but I'm inland so in a colder microclimate. That is, colder night in winter but hotter daytimes. Generally winter temps get down to 15C but have been down to 10C on rare occasions. Day temps in winter are always mid to low 30's C. On the coast it's milder.

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Thanks. I'm in West Palm and was trying to figure out what this tree is called. This thread saved me from having to post a pic on "name that plant".

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