ray_tampa(Z10 CenFla)December 22, 2005

I had temps around 40F last night and was wondering If I should be expecting mass croton defoliation? Last year, 34F did quite a bit of damage but there was a considerable amount of wind that night. I think that played a significant role in dessicating the leaves. There was no wind last night so should I expect the same results?

Thanks in advance,


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Mine took 37 last week and still full of foliage, last year snow defoliated them, i cut them back and protected the rest of winter. They recovered nicely. If they die Home Depot sells 3 gal size for 6 bucks

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Ray - it only got down to 48 here in Boca Raton but I wouldn't be surprised if there was some leaf drop. We had quite a bit several weeks ago in the cold front that dropped into the high 40's. If you get leaf drop then cut them back and let them bush out.

By the way, if you get down this way I have a new hybrid I'm growing called "Miami". It's a cross between Bogoriensis and Mortii. Long yellow/green pointed leaves with some red on the underside and the triple vein of the Bogoriensis.

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ray_tampa(Z10 CenFla)


I will be down there this upcoming week as a matter of fact. I'm taking the week off to go check out Tropical World Nursery and a few other places. Send me an e-mail and let me know your schedule. How'd you fare with Wilma?


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ray_tampa(Z10 CenFla)


I haven't gone down there yet. I'll probably head down on Wednesday morning. I've got your phone number.


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Last I heard Tropical WOrld is going out of business--so many people have commented already that they've gone and bought up a lot of hte good stuff.

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I had bought a croton a month or so ago it was fine up untill a couple of nights ago when i had left a window open in my dinning room and it got at least in the 40's well the plant is all wilted and i have no idea what i can do for it if anyone has a suggestion i could really use the help


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ray_tampa(Z10 CenFla)

Are you sure it only got down into the 40's? That should not have bothered the plant very much. Three things will make a croton wilt like your description: 1. Too much water causing root rot 2. Too little water and 3. Cold damage. If the soil is soggy, cool conditions will lead to root rot. If the soil is dry to the touch, just add water and it will perk up in a few hours. My hunch is it got down into the 30's which can pose a problem.

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Hello. I'm just getting into gardening so please bear with me. I have a croton Mamey that has been in the ground for about 5 years. Before the freeze hit I noticed it was looking a little sickly & the leaves almost looked rusted in places. Then the freeze came & he lost all his leaves. It's now going into late March & there still aren't any leaves. I cut back the hardwood but I don't know how to tell if it's completely dead or not. Can anyone help me revive this croton?! Also, I must identify what was wrong with it before the freeze because it has spread to one of my large "Gold dust" crotons. The tag said called it this when I bought it but unsure if this is the correct name. Please Help if you can, I loved this large twisted beauty.

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