cherimoya, rollinia, and sugar apple

407Bob(9b)December 14, 2012

I started cherimoya, rollinia, and sugar apple seeds indoors underlights in february of 2012. They all sprouted and grew through out the summer, outdoors. The sugar apple grew 18", the rollinia grew 24", the cherimoya grew 48". As winter approached the sugar apple stopped growing when the temperature dropped to 65f.The cherimoya stopped growing when it dropped to 50f. The rollinia kept growing quite well until it dropped to 40f. I was actually surprised that the rollinia seemed more cold tolerant than the cherimoya. All the plants were grown in the same spot with the same nutrients same water schedule.

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I have moved the plants indoors with the rest of my potted tropical fruit trees. The weather here in Orlando has been fluctuating too much for growth to continue. They are under a 400w mh and when the plants get accustomed to that I add a 275w sodium and wait for March.

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The rollinia has just started sending out new growth now that it has been under the light for a week.

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The cherimoya and sugar apple have been unresponsive to the light so far. The rollinia seems to cope with temperature swings better than the cherimoya and sugar apple. On a different note my canistels are sending out leaves very well and my pasiflora quadrangulis is sending out new growth.

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Hi. I tried getting a sugar apple grow from seed and was unsuccessful. It never sprouted. What kind of conditions did you use to sprout the seeds?

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