WANTED: Ft,Worth's April 11th swap haves&wants

phyllisb2008(8 DFW)February 25, 2009

Okay! This is the swaps I have so far.

reeselayne: rosemary,forsythia cuttings and blue sedum

me: grape hyacinth,mixed daffodils and wisteria cuttings

sally: pink lilly,forsythia cutting and 1 gallon pots

me: orange iris,wood fern and hoya cutting

element: rose of sharon cuttings and pots

me: ??????

if these aren't correct let me know.


white iris

sabrina hollyhocks



forsythia cuttings

purple iris

blue sedum

cherry tomatoes

rose of sharon cuttings


pink 4 O'clock



cayene pepper

yellow squash

purple top turnips

french flame marigold

shasta daisy


african daisy








anything new or different

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I can't recall everything I have, but here's a start:

landscape iris
phlox, the groundcover kind with orchid/purple flowers
lemon mint
candy tuft (white flowers, bloomed in February)
trailing verbena with fushia flowers (bloomed in February!)
mauve/pink 4 o'clocks

I know I have more stuff than this, just can't recall at the moment, will post more later.


red yucca

Again, I'll have to look at my other list to refresh my memory!


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bleeding heart
buddleia any color
live oak
red yucca


Some of these can be dug up, & some have been started from seeds or cuttings, so their availability depends on their taking root & growing.

blue mistflower
garlic chives
garlic I think
hyacinth bean vine limited supply
lamb's ears
phlox (groundcover variety)
purple ruffled basil
shrimp plant
silver & gold mum
trailing verbena, fuschia flowers

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posted this to encourage people, both "old" & "new", who aren't familiar with the other site, to post their lists;

I *know* we've had more activity in previous years!

Where is everybody???

Is it too early?

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weenerdogg(Zone 7b)

I know!! It seems alot slower than usual. I invited all the people from my master gardener class. Hope thats ok.

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I have been too busy to post and still not sure what I will be bringing. I planted a whole lotta seeds but I am building my veggie garden again and may be able to use most of them. My mom hasn't started anything this Spring like she did last year. I'll be there but I was hesitant to make any pre-swaps. I'll bring a door prize too. Cheryl

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HI, I am fairely new to area and would love to join a swap group where do you meet???hve milk and wine lilies and rain lilies to share.

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Welcome, Daisyde!

Just load up them milk & wine lilies & rain lilies, & come over!

I my own self am the resident milk & wine lily nut, & I've become pretty infatuated with rain lilies as well, so pick what you'd like from my list *first*!

bwaaaa haaaaaa haaaaaa......

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reeselayne(8 North Texas)

Hey, would any of yall be interested in trading for some bath salts too? They are wonderful after a long day of gardening!!!! My fav is lavender but I have most essential oils if anyone has a preference! Let me know!!!!

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Milk & wine lily from daisyde sounds interesting. I have garden phlox (tall), oregano, chive and mums (various colors but I do not know which)to share.
Phyllis, anything you can use from me for your cherry tomato plants?
I can also dig out some oak seedlings and ivys if anyone is interested.

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phyllisb2008(8 DFW)

Welcome daisyde, glad to see a new face I would be most interested in your milk&wine lily. what would you like?

Hey fortunegardener where have you been? I would love the phlox and I have plenty of cherry tomatoes.

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Hi - I, am looking for an in person trade of cactus.
I can't afford postage for the cactus, so in person is the best way.
I am looking for several types of cactus for a cactus garden , which will grow outside.
Please, look over my list below and see if there is anything you might like.
Also, looking for the black pots, I think they are quart size.
Please, contact me personally. If, I am close enough to your location,
I will meet you to pick the plants up.
Thank you, so much.


Here is a link that might be useful: my list

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more "wants" for my list:

dark purple petunias

vegetables, purty much any kind



add to "have" list:

approximately 4' tall palm, don't know the name, has to be kept in shade in the summer & brought in for the winter,

looking forward to seeing everyone!

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I have oak seedlings if anyone is interested (the squirrels have been busy). I don't have great luck keeping them alive, but you're welcome to try. So far, they look good in their little pots.


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Sylvia, I have some miniature sweet bell pepper seedlings. Not sure how they are going to turn out since I saved the seeds from some that I bought (and ate) so if they were hybrids they may not be as good as the originals. But I planted all the seeds and they all came up, so there's a bunch of them. Thought I'd keep saving and planting for 3-5 years and see where it gets me. Anyway, if you're interested in some of the seedlings you are welcome to them.Cheryl

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Here is my list I post on the exchange forum.

I am very new to swapping, but have been gardening since I was a youngster.

I would very much like to be at the swap and will do my best to be there, but the main problem will be the weather.
I live a two hour drive from the swap area and can only hope any storms will be absent.
Most of my plants are in pots, rooted and growing. Some are 1, 2, and 3 year plants, but very limited in quanity.



Lavender mint
1 -Beautyberry 3 years
1 -Vitex seedling 2 years-bloomed last year
two varieties of Salvia - red native and a large blue Salvia guaranitica
a few seedlings of Texas Swampmallow or Rock rose as I see it is called too
a few seedlings of a single dark red hollyhock
a few orange and yellow Bulbine frutescens
numerous catnip of various sizes
2 types of multiplying (bunching) onions, a large white and a smaller whitish to light purple
1 rosemary
Garlic chives
a few lemon thyme
some sort of tiny wandering jew type plant. Grows abundantly
1 or 2 -a pink old fashion rose- very fragrant, suckers and semi climber- I have one plant covering a 4x8 lattice at our carport-more can be dug
a few starts of native turks caps Malvaviscus arboreus v. drummondii- a few more can be dug
quite a few lemongrass starts- most will have to be dug
several 2 yr century plant pups
varigated ginger? I am currently waiting to see if these will root out after being divided.
2-1 year dark pink oleander- can bring extra cuttings for rooting
perennial blue morning glory-will have to be dug

Pavonia-Texas Swampmallow


Caesalpinia gilliesii Yellow bird of Paradise plants
Sphaeralcea coccinea (Scarlet Globe Mallow)
hoja santa
heartleaf hibiscus - hibiscus cardiophyllus
passionflower red preferably
Other easy to grow salvias
other easy to grow perennials
easy to grow red or blue flowering hummingbird plants
red or yellow yucca

purple hyacinth bean

Pots of 1 gallon and up - deperate need of
soapberries- not chinaberries
GROLSCH Beer Swing Top bottles with the tops
Kombucha Scoby

I will add as time goes along and I can dig several of the plants as needed for the swap
Thanks for looking and hope I can meet up with all of you this year. Please post on the forum also so I do not miss anything.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to my posting

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phyllisb2008(8 DFW)

serenitymoon I posted on your swap page.

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Cheryl, heck yeah, I'd love to try the peppers!

I've decided this is to be the year I *reeeeallly* try to raise a vegetable, well, if not "garden" at least "patch"!

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My listing is closed, thanks.

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This is growing, so check back.


Should have seedlings ready for trade. Not sure what I will be planting. Will be updating in a month.
Confederate Rose cuttings - Not rooted, they may have roots by April
asiatic jasmine - Will need to dig up.
varigated and non Liriope
Datmansia (brug/datura) White in color? Seedling - RARE I know of only one other person has one, and shes the one that gave me the seeds. - No more I may have lost them
Vitex Seeds
Pink Texas Hardy Hibiscus Seeds
White w/ pink/red Center Hardy Hibiscus Seeds
Old Fashioned Mums, Fall bloomers, color unknown
Pink Texas Hard Hibiscus Seedlings - Maybe ready by swap = 1
White w/ Pink Center Hardy Hibiscus seedlings = 1

Rose of Sharon cuttings
Tree Orchids
Pots of all types and sizes
5 gallon buckets
Plastic buckets from the large cat litter boxes
wood ferns
Japanese Ferns
Pride of Barbados
Ornamental Sweet Potato Vines green or purple or both
Butterfly Bush
Flame Acanthus
Turks Caps
Low to medium Light house plants
Madagascar Jewel - Euphorbia leuconeura
Pachypodium Lamerei - Madagascar Palm
Equisetum hyemale - Horsetail
hostas - prefer variegated varieties
Philodendron scandens oxycardium - Heart Leaf Philodendron
Aglaonema - Chinese Evergreen
Syngonium podophyllum - Arrowhead plant
Dracaena fragrans Massangeana - Corn Plant
Cast Iron Plant
Trumpet Vines - Already Starts/seedlings
Named day lilies

Alley: Datmansia seedling for Pride of barbadoes
Planopondnut: confederate rose cuttings for wood fern and more cast iron
Planopondnut: philodendron oxycardium for vitex seed.
phyllisb2008: rose of sharon and black nursery pots
bare_foot_in_TX: Blue Pea Pod for Lunch
Mike: blue agave and some pots for datmansia (maybe)

Please check my list and post if we made/offered a trade. Time is running out. My goal is to be finished w/ all trade setup and packed the night before.

Here is my link to my trades on the ftworthgardenswappage.

Here is a link that might be useful: Haves / Wants

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I'm a single parent, just moved into a rental house with huge flower beds that are absolutely empty!!!!! I've cleaned them out and prepared them for planting, but don't have the resources to purchase lots and lots of new plants, especially since I don't know what will work there or what won't. I'm going to come to the plant swap on Saturday and would love to get "anything offered" to get me started on this huge project. I love bulbs and anything that multiplies, I love color and easy to take care of things. I would appreciate anything and everything you share with me to get me started - I can't stand looking at these empty beds! Thank you in advance and see you guys on Saturday!

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This is a swap, so please bring *something*, even if it's cookies or brownies or some such.

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weldontx(z 8a TX)

Oh MY, wish I could say that I'd be there, but it's not
looking likely. I have several fennel plants that are up
and ready to pot. There could be some other things if I'd
look hard enough. If any one is coming down 35W from the
north, let me know and I'll send some things with you.


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phyllisb2008(8 DFW)

howdyduty, you can bring other things to trade it doesn't have to be plants.

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kay75052(z8, TX, DFW)

Wish I could go :-(( Would love to see everyone. I haven't been feeling very well so I haven't been doing anything in my garden. Hope to see you all for the fall swap.


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Ok, I've double-checked everything (I hope!) on this forum & the other one, & I'm off to make a few adjustments to my boxes of plants.

I'll be offline til after the swap, so if you need me, call me at

214 738 4314.

I'm excited to see everyone again!

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I'm so sorry I missed the swap. I had a last minute family emergency. This is the first chance I've had to get online. I hope everyone had fun!


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