Fresh Jakfruit

yaslan(8 WA state)May 21, 2010

This Jakfruit was $1.95/lbs and incredibly sweet (even for me) but it was still good.

Andrew, I don't think it would've survived shipping. Though, I hope to get one that's not too ripe and send ya some.


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Hello Bo,
That's fine. Just you thinking of sending it meant a lot. Honestly, I don't even know if I would be able to open it up to get to the good stuff. How much did that cost you? Okay, you describe it as sweet but any other flavors worth mentioning? I just have no idea what to expect. The fruit just doesn't scream "EAT ME!", I do want to try it someday. Maybe there will be some in Florida when I go but then again, I have no idea when they are in season either.

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yaslan(8 WA state)

Jakfruit was $40 bucks. It has a firm texture and weird aftertaste. The flavors are kind of complex and difficult to describe. I want to say it's almost pineapple-like but that would be a stretch. I think this one was too over ripe and is a bit mushy. It's not the best jakfruit. I definitely would've have 1 cherimoya over the entire jakfruit! When is your trip to Florida?

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