CNY or Oswego area Plant Swap?

lblack61(z5 NY)January 18, 2005

I saw the post on Scotia, NY but I have no idea where that is (so it must not be close to me?). I know there are people in my area so I was wondering if anyone would like to get together for a "mini" plant swap in the Spring-Summer.

I've never been to one before, but it sounds like fun. Or if anyone would like to carpool to any of the other swaps...that's a possibility too (but I hate long car trips)

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Sounds like a fun idea ! Not sure what my black thumbs will allow me to have to swap with though LOL It would be fun to meet some gardeners in our area. I don't like long car rides either. But I am considering a little family road trip to Rochester for the show in March.

Did you know there is a garden club that meets in Fulton once a month? I've tried to find info on it but haven't been able to and I'm not one to just show up at a meeting.

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qbirdy(z4/5 Central NY)

I think a plant swap would be great! I'd be happy to go, if just to meet fellow GWs!

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ridgetop01(z5 CNY)

We did one at my house (Chittenango) last year, and people seemed to want to repeat it this year but perhaps at another location. I think "trudysgarden" said something about hosting, she's up fulton-way I believe, I haven't seen her around yet this year on site. I'll post a separate thread, see if I can revive the interest in those who participated last year. I could host again, but would be happy going elsewhere and helping the new host/hostess also.

Here is a link that might be useful: My website - pics and garden links

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lblack61(z5 NY)

Meeting in Fulton sounds good to me :-)
I don't know if I'm sophisticated enough for a garden club, but it sounds like it would be worth checking out also.
I know I met a GW visitor in the aisle of Lowes. That was fun, although it confused the sales person a bit "Why are they in the seed aisle so long and talking so much?).

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shimla(5 Upstate, NY)

Hi everyone! We are in the Capital District. We are planning on Rotterdam this year (Schenectady County). I know it's a long drive but you are all welcome to come if you are up for it.

Our exchange thread discussion just got moved over to the "exchange" part of our forum. So, be sure to look over there for your details if this one disappears LOL.

I have all the information about how we are doing our exchange on "MY PAGE". It's way down on the bottom past my plant list. I'm updating it as we go along. You are welcome to use any ideas from there when your setting up your swap. We had a wonderful time last year. I'm sure you guys will have a great time as well! Marie

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lblack61(z5 NY)

Thanks, Marie, I will check out the info on the exchange :-)

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I live in CENTRAL NY ALSO, SOUTH OF SYRACUSE IN TOWN CALLED LAFAYETTE, I hosted plant swap party last year in fall, this year I am going to have one in may 14 please mark your calender, I met so many people from all over.... I will post one later on, I have over 20 gardens and lots of plants to give away,

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lblack61(z5 NY)

That sounds nice. I'll mark my calendar.
I was also thinking it'd be nice to have one between here and Massena, if there is anyone here who lives up that way.

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scurry4931(z5 NY)

Hi Lblack,

I'm the one you met in Lowes! Haven't been able to get on the puter much. Had hand surgery and it is finally healing up good. Still a little tough to type! :) Last year I wasn't able to do much gardening because of it. I am looking forward to this year! I would love to go to a plant swap. Or I would be willing to host one. I live in Minetto. It is in between Fulton and Oswego. I'm not sure what I have to do, but would be willing. I don't have alot to trade this year, as we just moved from NJ and my yard is sparse, to say the least. But, I make a great cup of coffee and would love to meet people in my area. Let me know who's interested....

think spring :)


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Hi Stacey,
I'm just south of you and drive up thru Minetto all the time. We go to the drive-in on 48 most weekends. Can't wait for spring to get here so we can play out in the yard and go to the drive-in !!!

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lblack61(z5 NY)

Hey Stacey! I hope your surgery went long before they do the other wrist? Did you find your sugar pea seeds?

I think I may have a lot of flower plants for you in the Spring to help fill up your new yard. I will have to post a recent list of what I've sown. I'm up to 80-something WS containers and most of them are flowers.
BTW, you inspired me to grow some peas myself. I went back and bought a packet of them from Lowes.
Great to hear from you! We will have to keep in touch! Maybe PatW and I can wander over and help you plant some things in your yard this summer?

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lblack61(z5 NY)

Just want to bump this up since it's getting close to Spring.
I'm still waiting to see sprouts in my WS containers, and I'm Wsing annuals.

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adina72(z5 CNY)

I'm in Pennellville and would like to join in as well. I will check back here for updates.

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theraglady47(z4 NY)

I live in Watertown, and would love a plant swap close to home. I plan to attend the one in Lafayette, but two would be twice as nice. I have many many winter sewn perenials, a bunch of datura seedlings ready to be repotted, and a huge stash of hydrangia plants that I salvaged from my local Lowe's trash. they where in great shape, just needed a drink. People thought I was crazy, I was stuffing them into ever nook and cranny in my car.But""""", now my house is full.

Does anyone have some trailing violets??? I used to have some wonderful ones, they where distroyed and I have had little luck finding more.
I will watch for post on an Oswego/Fulton swap.

I have tons of half full packages of wonderful seeds if anyone has any datura other then white to swap. Email for a complete list. I have spent well over $100.00 on new seeds this year.
Oh, I also have a nice bunch of bitter sweet seedlings, They took for ever to get going, but are wonderful now.

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scurry4931(z5 NY)

Hey All! Back.... Sorry, I didn't forget, just got distracted and then I couldn't find where I posted this! I am really not an airhead... must've been those pain killers for my hand. LOL

Anyhow, if anyone has ever been to one and can give me some pointers, I would love to start planning a plant/seed swap. I figure if we get enough people we could make it into a real get together and each bring a covered dish. What do you guys think? When is the proper time to have it? I would assume sometime in May.. Let me know...

I don't know if I am more excited about the plants or meeting people! It was a long winter....LOL

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lblack61(z5 NY)

Oh, did they do number two? I hope you're feeling better. I saw a guy with two kids in Lowes the other day and I thought of you (wondering if maybe those were your helpers out to run gardening errands for you :-)
They moved this post! That's why I couldn't find it either, until today!
I've never been to a plant swap before, but God knows I have tons of plants. The Winter Sowing was a huge success! I'm at about 43 percent germination and I've planted out 14 items already. It's amazing how resilient they are to the cold!
I'm hoping someone who's been to or held a swap before could advise on what to do (from hosting to attending)

Take Care, Stacy, and hope to hear from you soon. You can always email me from the link at this site, too :-)

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scurry4931(z5 NY)

Hi! I didn't get to WS this year. Sounds like you had great success. Especially for your first year. I started my all my plants indoor this year. I have about a 90% rate.... Best year, yet. I think it is all this beautiful sun we are having! If fact, I was giving chives away to all my neighbors this week. I didn't have anymore room for them. Still have a few left....

Gonna pick a date for our swap.... I figure what the hey, we can just wing it...LOL Anybody have any bad Saturday's coming up. I was thinking sometime late May - Early June. Is that too soon? I figured that would give all our little ones time to grow up for planting..... Or is that too late? lemme know what everyone thinks....Then I will post an official swap date and time....

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lblack61(z5 NY)

That sounds good to me. That will give me time to get some of my seedlings separated and figure out what is in excess of what I need.
Saturdays are okay except that I wouldn't be able to be there until after 130pm.

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theraglady47(z4 NY)

Are you still planning an exchange? I have been saving plants, but can't hold on much longer, they need to get into the ground soon. Maybe it is too late now, but if there are still any people interested I sure am. I have a bunch of potted hostas that I had separated, some hens and chicks and some left over seedlings that I started.

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