Rotterdam Exchange: Sign ups!

shimla(5 Upstate, NY)February 14, 2005

We have set our swap date for SATURDAY, JUNE 11, 2005 AT 11:00 AM. I have all the information about the swap on my page. Just click on my gardenweb name and it will take you there. It's rather long but will give all the new folks an idea of what will take place. (Once I have a reservation made somewhere, I will update my page and let everyone know the location).

Please sign up and let us know how many people you are bringing along with you! I need headcount to request enough picnic tables.

There is a *separate* thread to sign up for a dish youÂd like to bring for our potluck lunch. Please keep the food stuff on that post so we can keep everything organized!

Thanks, Marie

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Last to come on board.. first to sign up.. LOL! You are so organized, Shimla!!!

Planning to be there, and looking forward to see everyone again and meet new faces,

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Sign me up too Toplady. Looking forward to seeing every one again.

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fairydancer(z5 NY)

I'm definitely going to be there! My husband will come with me too, but mostly to keep an eye on the 2 boys while I swap!!!

I have a friend who has been suppling me with milk jugs for my winter sowing all year. I'm sure she'd love to come as she just moved into her newly built house this year - but she won't have anything to swap. I don't want to take advantage - I'm only going to have my winter sown seedlings to swap - but if consensus is that there will be plenty of people needing to unload their extras, I know she'd be thrilled. Let me know what you think.


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starmoon(Z5 NY)

Sign me up! I should have plenty of divided perennials and wintersown plants to share. I will probably bring my sister along too. She is just building a new house and starting a garden with lots of space to fill.

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Count me in of course plus hubby and my daughter. She had a great time last year.

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adkmountaingirl(z4SaratogaCo,NY) really threw me off by calling it the "Rotterdam" exchange. I thought we've always referred to it as the "Scotia exchange" I went into this thread just out of curiousity to see if there was going to be a new one in Rotterdam also. Hope others don't get similarly confused!

Sign both me and lnmp up. As it gets closer we can let you know if her sister (Mia "the name," not "missing in action" ha, ha) who we brought last year will also be joining us.

Since shimla said it is never too late, I'll be starting my winter sowing this weekend. Hopefully by June I'll have a lot of new baby plants to exchange. Wish me luck, okay?


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I was going to sign myself up, but I see adkmountaingirl already did! :)

Hope to bring some divided perennials and who knows what else with me this time.

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shimla(5 Upstate, NY)

Fairydancer - feel free to bring your friend along. Anyone that shares their milk jugs is welcome in my book!

Adkmountaingirl - sorry to confuse you! Since we had our Albany exchange in Scotia last year, I thought we should have our Scotia exchange in Rotterdam this time around!

We have a three day weekend so I hope to get some more seeds planted over the holiday. I'm doing a bunch of cups to bring along exclusively for the swap. I hope they sprout! Lots of things are coming my way via the round robin exchanges so it will be an interesting variety this year.

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Shimla.. you need someone to slow you down, as much as I need someone to keep me from bringing more plants home!! 2 impossible tasks.. You are the "Queen of Winter Sowing" afterall! LOL!

Adkmountaingirl .. Sorry for not answering your question on a previous thread.. I missed it at first.
Annemarie: Gee, we only fit in one birding walk with you, but there's always the trip lnmp & I are leading to a heron rookery in May to look forward. Interested?
YES. I would be, as long as it is not too far from Albany and if it is not too late. I saw on our local news that red-winged blackbirds have de-throned (does this word exixt?) the American Robins (who are now overwintering here) as our 'harbingers of spring' and a few have already been spotted. Although you are North of us.. let us know when you spot some! I haven't seen any yet, but have seen robins in our backyard a while back feeding on our neighbor's crabapples. Penny1947 says hummers are her harbingers of spring...

Well, glad I'll see 'the subaru girls' (even if not in a subaru) again soon. Good luck with your winter sowing, adkmountaingirl.


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Flowerchild(z5NY Col.Cnty.)

I forgot to sign up. I wouldn't miss it. So glad to see so many of us WS'ing. I can't stop sowing long enough to get my list posted on my page. I am anxious to see the green sprouts. Looking forward to seeing everyone in June.

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kareen(z5 NY Renss.Co.)

I signed up for food and then realized I hadn't signed up here. I plan on being there and may bring some garden friends and DH possibly . It will be awhile before I can give you a firm response on anyone besides me though.

Here is a link that might be useful: Our pond and gardens

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Count us in Dawn...We wouldn't miss it for the world!....oops!...I mean Marie....or is it shimla now?...or still Mikee2?....Whats up with all the names?....It's hard to keep up with your changes!
Anyway, you might want to consider that there will be Little League, Babe Ruth and Girls Softball Games in most the Rotterdam Parks that time of the year. So you might want to check with your boss if the park(s) will be able to accommodate.....parking could be an issue if there is a game.....Just trying to help...FYI-Central Park in Schenectady has lots of room in case you need a back up. I'll go the food post soon...What do you like?

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fairydancer(z5 NY)

See the new post everyone for late breaking details on our location!


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fairydancer(z5 NY)

I've posted directions to the swap on a separate thread! Email me with any questions!


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offtrackbetty(z5 NY)

Please add me to the list. I think my neighbor will come, too.


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Aurore(Zone 4/5 NY)

It looks like I'll be able to come. I'll be bringing a jello salad.

Here is a link that might be useful: my webpage

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I am once again without any plants for the swap (so much for good intentions), but have about 50 containers, from 1/4 lb. margerine tubs to Folgers coffee containers, with cottage cheese and sour cream sizes in between. Would anyone need/want them? I've also picked up some cute yard stuff at the $$$ store.

Last year I was given the leftovers and saved what I could, which ARE coming back, that couldn't be planted until literally the last minute, because of construction from May through November. GGGGRRRRRGGGG. There are many survivors, which are little by little coming up. I am hesitant about going to the swap again, having just finally beginning to get organized from move, construction, house from hell, etc.

So, if anyone wants containers, cute stuff from $$$ store, and pasta salad, I'll be there with bells on.


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I'm a first timer and excited to be coming to the plant exchange.

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Sign me up. I wouldn't miss it.

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Thank you for the tip on the Gardenweb and the invitation to your exchange. I do plan to attend. What do you do about rain? I'll dig up something to bring along and perhaps will bring deviled eggs. Hope the Vinca takes root and does well. Darlene

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I'm planning on attending my first of your exchanges. Looking forward to it and am trying to get my daughter from Saratoga to attend too.

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