Lychee blooms an fruit died

gnappiMay 6, 2013

The was to be my first fruit season for my sweetheart lychee, it had blooms and baby fruit on it till a few weeks ago, then suddenly I had a growth flush right after all the rains started and the fruit stalks died.

Does anyone have an idea why?

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Sorry to hear that you have lost your lychee fruit. Ouch! I know how you feel ...

I have a Brewster that has been planted since 2008. It must have been 7 years old or so this year. For many years, the blooms dropped before they had a chance to develop into fruit. This year I was so overjoyed to see a few hundreds of fruit forming, but it wasn't for long. First, a huge rain storm came and knocked out close to a hundred tiny little fruit last month. A couple of weeks ago, I fed it a little organic fertilizer. Big mistake, the fruit that were all about the thumb nail size started dropping. I estimated about another hundred or so. Now the dropping has slowed down and only close to 50 fruit or so remain intact on the tree.

If I had to guess, in your case, I would think that the rain might have caused the plant to want to send out new flushes and that means that all the energy goes to leave production rather than fruit production. However, mine did not send out new flushes ... maybe it was trying to get ready to do so. Second guess in my case could be due to the fertilizer I fed it, causing the plant to hurry off to get rid of the fruit so it can grow new leaves ... Whatever it is ..., lychee trees are an illusive plants to grow. There are so many factors inter playing that can jeopardize their fruit production. I wish I knew everything about keeping their fruit.

Your lychee must be a young plant? Hopefully next year it will do better for you.


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