Miracle Fruit what soil to use when planting

rookie2185May 10, 2014

I got three miracle fruit plants also known as (Synsepalum dulcificum) They are small seedlings and I followed the directions I was given on how to plant them. I was told you use 50% peat moss and 50% perlite only no other soil and make sure to keep the ph level around 5.

I am also putting them in large 24" pots After I filled the pot with the 50/50 mixture I checked the ph level and it was between 7 and 8. I was told that by using peat moss it would help keep it at a good acid level. So I decided to experiment when I planted the second plant.

I used 30% soil for pots, 30% peat moss, and 30% perlite when I checked the ph level it was at a 5. I was told to just use peat moss and perlite. The person who told me this are they wrong and do i need to add soil to the mixture? I also used filtered water to water the plants.

I have one more seedlings to plant I'm going to plant it tomorrow but I need to know should I use soil or just the peat moss and perlite only and no soil. I live in Florida and from what I understand the Florida climate is just right for the miracle fruit.

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I use the standard 50:50 mix. To keep the pH on the low side try adding some white wine vinegar when you water. I usually use about 1-2 tbsp/gallon, but you'd want to pH it first to see what level you hit with your local/filtered water.

Not all peat mosses are the same. It should be sphagnum peat not sedge peat.

Good luck!

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i got a small one about a month ago
i didnt have any peat, sao i just planted it in potting mix with perlite and compost.
i dont think the soil bothered it any, but i will say i burned it.
(1-2 leaves turned brown)
it seems it doesnt like direct sun, and needs to be watered frequently.
i am usually a bit leery when someone says to use rain water, not not faucet water, but every time it rains the leaves seem to perk-up like its happy.

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