WANTED: Bryan/College Station plant or seed exchange?

ricecracker(8b)February 9, 2009

I have some plants and seeds that, well, I have a surplus of and was wondering if there was anyone else in the B/CS area wanting to trade and share the wealth. I have the following to spare:

Angel Wing Begonia plants or cuttings

Rick-Rack cactus cuttings

A large solid green Schleffera (there's actually two in the pot) or cuttings from a larger one.

I also have a Sambac Jasmine that I would imagine one could take cuttings off of, never tried it myself, but it has some long vines/shoots that may be good.

I also have lots of seeds for Thai basil harvested in the fall, they should be pretty good since this is my third annual harvest off of these plants.

I may also have a couple of fig plants from cuttings that i over-wintered and have just planted since they had some nice roots on them.

On a more run-of-the-mill note, I also have some pothos and a striped spider plant that could be used for some cuttings, but limited since I don't usually let them get too big.

I would like to get some Passiflora Edulis or any other Passiflora that fruits, preferably already established since I don't have the best luck rooting them myself. Any dwarf citrus would also be welcome. I would also love a small bay laurel tree if one is available, but I'm open to new and interesting plants if they come up, there are just off the top of my head. If anyone is interested, let's try to set up a plant exchange. Best wishes to all!


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kiddo(8 Tx)

Give me a shout
I live in bryan

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