Mango Newbie question

vanman23(6b/7a - OK)May 31, 2014

I've had this Nam Doc Mai in a large pot for about 5 months. It has new growth right now, but it also has these buds? Are these going to be fruit spikes? They don't look like the leaf buds. The question I dread asking is if these are fruit spikes and they set fruit should I take them off and wait another year or not?

What about fertilizer? I just added osmocote pro. Should I use foliage pro as well.

Its in full sun right now and the hottest it's been is about 90. I'll probably shade some if its above 95. It seems to like the sun, unlike the longans and lychees.

Any advise is welcome. Thanks in advance.

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Leave one spike in each branch if you cant remove them. If it is strong it will set 1 or 2 fruits. My mango is under 50C heat and it has no problem. My figs are suffering a little but not the mango. Until you see dry leaves, do not shade. Let it get used to the heat a bit and if it is weak shade it. By now i guess they have extended quite a bit these flowers ;)

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Yup!! Those are blooms...If it were my tree I wouldn't let them fruit at such a small/young tree... I would let it go through the blooming stage and once the fruits are around blueberries size I would remove the whole flower stalk...but more than likely those small fruitlets will probably just abort themselves. The tree usually knows its own limits and won't hold fruits...but ultimately its your decision. No one can blame you for wanting to see a couple of fruits on your tree. been there done that,lol...

The down side is you sacrifice new growths and stronger roots and fuller canopy since fruiting a tree this young takes a lot of energy from the tree...

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