fuzz on stem

jb70April 16, 2010

We live in an apartment on the ground floor in VA. Last week we bought a container and a regular sized tomato plant. Our porch doenst get consistant sunlight all day, so I move the containers from this side - to that side trying to keep it in the sunlight and not the shade.

We have noticed white fuzz on the stem. Is this normal?

We've had some chilly nights (nothing lower than 40) and

highs between 58 - 80 over the last week or so.

We water the plants in the evening, but there is no direct sun on the plants at that time.

The plant looks sturdy and strong - just the white fuzz on the stem has me a little worried.

any thoughts? thanks!

PS - as you can tell, I am new to this whole thing.

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daylilyfanatic4(Zone 6 SE NY)

A picture would be helpful. However I think those might just be natrual roots. Are the stems just covered with fuzzy hairs? those are normal and will form roots if placed below ground. If it's not that it might be a fungus in which case your may be overwatering. Again hard to tell without a picture.

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While the fuzzy little "hairs" on tomato stems indeed are natural, and some varieties will be fuzzier than others, that fuzz is a different tissue than what will emerge as aventitous roots. Not the same tissue.

Aventitious roots will appear first as small, greenish-white nodes like pimples and then grow out into roots along the stem tissue above the ground in damp or wet conditions, and below the ground if the stem is planted deeply.

I've seen this theory that the fuzz is wannabe roots in two different messages now, and the information is wrong. Not critical to any issue, just incorrect.

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OK here is a link to some pics I just took. Not the best pics. - if you see anything wrong, feel free to critique.
Im trying to learn.


Here is a link that might be useful: my pics

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yeah thats normal

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kstatefan(5B - KS)

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