WANTED: Rotterdam swap wish list

Flowerchild(z5NY Col.Cnty.)March 4, 2005

Are there any special plants you are looking for? Maybe I have some I can bring? As for myself I am looking for:

- tall, full, plants

- Rodgersia

- Queen of the Prairie

- Aruncus

- shrubs

- Ornamental grasses

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shimla(5 Upstate, NY)

hmmm, I'm not sure what I want yet! Gonna have to think about it...

I posted the list that I winter sowed on my trade page under the plant section. I'm just about finished for the year - getting bored with it LOL! Would love to know what everyone's looking for so I can narrow down what I bring. Hopefully, I can find some things out in the yard that people are looking for come June. I have a bunch of mature items to bring along as well :).

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kareen(z5 NY Renss.Co.)

Well Shimla,
You asked for it. I would love some of your .....
Amaranth split personality ,white bee balm,Galliardia burgandy and liatris white.
Flowerchild, several things you asked for are already promised for a demonstration garden. I do have Petasites japonicus for moist shade that I will be thinning out. And I will see if I can break loose a piece of zebra grass for you . Kareen

Here is a link that might be useful: Our pond and gardens

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fairydancer(z5 NY)

Penny has me wishing for some Agastache.....and I would love some anemone if anyone has any to divide. If everyone coming would please also look at my trade page, I've got a ton of cook and craft books and magazines I'd love to pass on to others. Just email me or post here what you'd like and I'll bring them to the swap!!!

Oh, and I'm also looking for ajuga burgendy glow if by chance anyone has any.....Mostly looking forward to meeting you all!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: my trade page

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starmoon(Z5 NY)

Would love some ferns, hardy cyclamen, virginia bluebells, hardy geraniums, blue hostas, goats beard or any other shade or part shade perennials. Does anybody have Basket of Gold Alyssum?

See my trade list for plants that I will definitely have to trade. I will have plenty more as well. Just have to see what's coming up and made it through the winter... LMK if you are interested.

Can't wait!


Here is a link that might be useful: My Trade List

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theraglady47(z4 NY)

I am not sure where Rotterdam is, or how far from my Watertown, NY home, but I do have a lot of nice seedlings, and what ever survived winter to share. I am looking for some different varieties of hosta. I also have a lot of extra herb plants.

Please let me know where this will be.

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Hi Brenda
Watertown is probably about 3 or 4 hours from the Rotterdam area.

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kareen(z5 NY Renss.Co.)

Penny, Brenda and all of the rest of you folks out there on the Upstate site.....I(and I suspect others) would love to meet you so feel free to make the trip and come to our plant swap.

Here is a link that might be useful: Our pond and gardens

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fairydancer(z5 NY)

Absolutely!!! Anyone up for a road trip should consider coming and visiting us at the swap!! I've just posted directions on a separate thread....drop me an email if you need any further assistance with them.


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offtrackbetty(z5 NY)

I have a lot of tall plants for sun and shade to bring.

I am interested in shorter plants for the front of a border for sun, part sun or shade (mainly the first two), and anythning different from what I have below.

Here is what I can bring: A LOT of Filipendula Japonica (Japanese Meadowsweet), Feverfew, lamium, lungwort, lollipop lilies (red and white), various daylilies in peach, yellow, yellow-orange, and dark red, dragon flower (I think that is the name... it is tall with dark foliage and white flower), yucca, ladies mantle, tall ornamental grass, peony, annual and perenial rudbeckia, purple False Dragonhead, perennial bachelor's button, pink and red yarrow, MANY different iris (tall, small, white, yellow, purple), purple cone flower, white and pink tall phlox, old fashion bleeding heart and fern leaf bleeding heart, jacob's ladder, worm wood, horse radish, marsh marigold. I will bring what I can but I will be sure to bring any requests.

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offtrackbetty(z5 NY)

I forgot to mention I have a water garden with a lot of huge goldfish that are very prolific. If anyone would like some smaller "babies" for a pond (2"-5" fish), let me know. I am not sure they would survive the day in a bucket waiting to go to a new home, but if you e-mail me we could arange a time for you to come pick up some so you can take them straight home to your pond. I have given some to friends and neighbors and they always have survived the trip and thrived in their new homes. They can be kept in a pond through the winter if it is at least 4 ft deep and has a heater to keep an air hole open in the ice.

Here is a link that might be useful: Photo of my pond and fish

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I would love a white bleeding heart, sage, rosemary, lavender, lemon thyme, white bee balm. I have chocolate mint, forget me nots, lemon balm, meadow sage, lamb's ears, pastel yarrow, columbine, and yellow iris.

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fairydancer(z5 NY)

Off track betty and Geology, I'm on the prowl for some yellow and white iris!!! If you have extras....they'll go to a loving home. I just got my hands on some purple from a sweet lady in Albany and now I just can't get enough!!

None of my bleeding heart germinated, so I'd love a plant for my shady area. I got a lamium nancy and archangel plant from a trade this spring and am in love with these two, and would love to get a hold of some more!!!

From my winter sowing, I've got extras ( a couple of cups of each) of the following - please let me know if anyone would like these:

Dianthus Siberian blue
Coreopsis mahogany midget
BabyÂs breath
Goldenrod superba
Aster lilliput blue moon
Potentilla goldfinger
Snapdragon tall crimson
Huechera coral bells sanguine
Potentilla melton fire

Oh, and does anyone have any Lemon queen Helianthus? I wanted these to sprout so badly!!! I tried winter sowing, under lights and spring sowing....no luck. Figured I'd ask before I break down and buy the plant!!!

It's getting close folks!! I'm so excited to meet everybody.


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starmoon(Z5 NY)

Hi all,

I have started packing up some stuff for the exchange. I have also included a list of additional stuff I can pack up if there is any interest. What I am really looking for right now is shade perennials, especially ferns, woodland natives, hostas, astilbes, old fashioned bleeding heart, epimediums, groundcovers, geraniums, what have you? Would also like lilies and iris too!

Here's the list of stuff I have planted up so far (in no particular order):

Blue Cornflower (1 small plant) *
Pink Coreopsis (1 pot, 3 plants) *
Echinacea "Magnus" (1 pot, 3 1st yr plants) *
Mixed Spiderworts (1 pot, 3 1st yr plants) *
Filipendula Variegated (1 baby plant)
Geranium macrorhizum (2 small plants)
Geranium sanguinum (1 med. plant)
Obedient Plant "Vivid" (1 small plant) *
Chives (1st yr. Seedlings, 1 small pot)
Curled Mint (1 small plant) *
Mother of Thyme ( 1 small pot) *
Sweet Cicely (1 small plant) *
Showy Lavender Sedum (2 small pots, 2 1st yr plants) *
Blue Catmint "Six Hills Giant" (3 pots 3 1st yr plants) *
Shasta Daisy "Crazy Daisy" (1 small plant)
Coral Bells (Heirloom from my g-grandmotherÂs garden, 1 pot, 2 plants) *
Agastache "Blue Fortune" (wintersown seedlings, 1 small pot)
Rudbeckia "Prarie Sun" (wintersown seedlings)
Rudbeckia "Gloriosa Daisy" (wintersown seedlings)
Nippon Daisy (wintersown seedlings, 2 small pots)
Maximillian Sunflowers (wintersown seedlings, 2 small pots)

* = can get more of if interested

Other things I have that I can pack up if you want:

Adenophora Ladybells (small plants)
Monkshood (wintersown seedlings)
White Mullein (wintersown seedlings)
Horehound (wintersown seedlings)
Mixed Columbine (wintersown seedlings)
Coreopsis grandiflora (1st yr plants)
Anise Hyssop (1st yr. plants)
Sedum sarmentosum (small clumps)
Vinca Minor (starts)
White Datura (seedlings)
Rudbeckia triloba (1st yr seedlings)
Common purple violets (lots)
Lamium maculatum 'Aureum (starts)
Pink Obedient Plant (small plants)
White Lily of the Valley
Creeping Jenny (starts)
Hen and Chicks (babies)
Sweet Woodruff (few clumps)
Salvia officinalis seedings
Burning Bush Seedlings
Norway Maple seedlings
Mixed Hellbore Seedlings (a few)
Blackberry Lily Seedlings (a few)
Anemone huphensis crispa (1 small plant)
Virginia Mountain mint (small plants)
May have moreÂ

Please let me know what you want me to bring for you! By the way, how should we label our stuff?


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Just looked at your list. Would really be interested in your hellebore seedlings (never got any luck with my seeds--had 2 seedlings in the fall and lost them over the winter)-- and in your hen & chicks. That is, of course, if you have time to dig some up. Thanks.

I personally like to know latin names (and common names--or a specific variety). As for labels themselves, it really doesn't matter to me.

Will post my list SOON..

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Aurore(Zone 4/5 NY)

I've got some plants listed on my webpage. Hope I can make it. I lost my ride, but hope to get another vehicle.
Also have a wordfind on my webpage for anyone who likes to do them.

Here is a link that might be useful: my webpage

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Don't have much to offer for shade.. except things that you probably already have--lamium maculatum 'beacon silver'(great groundcover). I may also have some tiarella wherryi (foamflower) that I wintersowed, but they are still tiny.. tiny! Also, if you are interested, I may dig up one of my blue polemonium ('Jacob's ladder'). Not too fond of them. Let me know,

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Someone posted that they had black bamboo I would love some also I lost my delphiniums if any one has any to share. I am bringing my bugmansias and also I will try to dig up some of my Queen of the prairie

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fairydancer(z5 NY)

Channon......I didn't know there was a pink coreopsis.....I'd love to try one! And the lamium and creeping Jenny would be too cool!


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starmoon(Z5 NY)

I will be sure to dig some more pink coreopsis, lamium and creeping jenny too. Here's a pic I borrowed from riggins nursery to show you what the Coreopsis rosea I have looks like:

They are really pretty! Almost like mini painted daisies.


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fairydancer(z5 NY)

Oh Channon, they are lovely!!! Thanks for bring some....and the lamium and jenny too. Will the creeping jenny will grow under a pine tree?


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Channon, By the way.. I looked at your wish list and noticed you had catananche on your list. I winter sowed some this year, so I will bring my extra 'babies' and seeds. I have white and purple, and they have reached a reasonable size.
Looking forward to the exchange.

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fairydancer(z5 NY)


Do you want some winter sown astilbe seedlings? They are small, but I have quite a few I could pot up for you. I also have some hardy geranium seedlings....I don't know what type they are. They were just seeds from a trade labeled as mixed hardy. Let me know if you want a couple and I'll bring them along for you.


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I've been slowly working towards what I have to offer, going through my flowerbeds, dividing, digging up.. Check my trade list I still have to go through my WS perennials. I'll only bring the ones that are a reasonable size. For annuals, I know I'll have larkspurs, texas sage, anagallis, nolana, heteropappus 'blue knoll'See my pic [blooms at the end of summer, about same time as asters] --maybe safflower, gaillardia sundance, yellow cosmos and cosmos sonata, and?? Herbs: anyone interested in epazote and thyme?
My wish list??? No space.. but I will not resist anything short, .. and for shade/partial shade, especially if blue. Virginia blue bells would be one. Pink Epimedium (rubrum) would be another one. Just tempt me.. it won't be hard!

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starmoon(Z5 NY)

Deb, as far as I know, creeping jenny will grow anywhere! I have read that it will tolerate fairly acidic soil and it does very well in shade. I have it around my little pond and it grows right into the water making little "frog ladders" for my cold blooded buddies. Would love some of your astilbe seedlilngs as well as some geraniums. Always looking for more of these 2... : )

Anne-Marie, Would love some of your Catanache seedlings. Tried to wintersow some, but no success! I will try to get you a little piece of my epimedium grandiflorum as well (pink flowers).

Any other requests?


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fairydancer(z5 NY)

Anne Marie,

None of my winter sown Thyme germinated, and I didn't save any seeds for indoor sowing.....could I possibly get a small cup from you? Your heteropappus 'blue knoll" and nolana both look so pretty too! Do you know if either of these would do well in containers?

Anyone have any extra chives? These were a winter sowing no show too.

Anyone need any chamomile?


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Deb.. Will be gald to bring my thyme (3-4 seedlings will do?).
Heteropappus should do very well in a container (remember: starts blooming around mid-August-10-12" high). Catalogs say that nolana will do well in a container, but, as it spreads (horizontally), it would have to be a container that stands above ground so that the flowers cascade down.. Have never tried it. Would be curious. Have lots of both that I will be delighted to share.

Channon, the 'early bird' -- do you have any yellow epimedium (sulphureum)? I feel bold and would like to try to see if I can get some of my BIG plant to give me some 'extras' for you. It has just about finished blooming.


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starmoon(Z5 NY)


Would love to try some of your yellow epimedium! Have been looking for more of these. Thanks!


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No plants to give this year (SEE: RE: My barren yard (formerly Yard From Hell) on this forum), but I'm bringing a few $$ store garden doo dahs, plastic grocery bags and lots of plastic containers, from sour cream to Folgers coffee.

Looking forward to seeing you all!!


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I don't do winter sowing, but I may be able to divide up some of my more mature perennials, if there's interest.

Willing to trade:
Phlox Mountain Pinks (Phlox Subulata 'Emerald Cushion Blue')
Coreopsis Lanceolata 'Sterntaler'
Unspecified white daisies (they just showed up in my lawn one day!)
Unspecified Bee Balm (may be 'Marshall's Delight')
Meadow Sage Salvia (Salvia Superba 'Blue Queen')
Creeping Thyme

I also have a ton of plastic containers, of various sizes, that I can bring.

I don't really have a wish list right now, but I am generally interested in ornamental grasses and flowers that hummingbirds like. Anne-Marie, I'd be interested in your Rudbeckia fulgida 'Goldsturm.'

If I can think of anything else, I will post again.


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Looking forward to my first exchange. Hopefully I will have Jack-in-the-pulpit, Japanese painted fern and some bloodroot. Darlene

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bloodroot? I may be a taker.. although I tried once (ordered some from a company), and it did not make it through the winter. I have a little more experience now-- I think. Got a Jack last year in the trade (from Kareen), and it is doing great.
Looking forward to meeting you, Darlene.

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starmoon(Z5 NY)


Would love it if you would bring me some Japanese Painted Fern! Let me know if there is anything I can bring for you.

See my list above in this post.


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fairydancer(z5 NY)

Oh Darlene, if you've got more, I'd love some Japanese painted fern too!!!

Anyone need any goatsbeard seedlings? They are tiny but very healthy!


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Hi, all:

Never got to trying the WSing ~ was just too busy, but I CAN bring the following:

*Just divided a very mature Autumn Joy Sedum and I potted the "volunteers" up into individual cups just yesterday... if anyone is interested????

*I also have a variety of tall colored summer-blooming phlox which the previous owner planted (and which are now practically hidden behind the bushes that have grown up in front of them). I have transplanted some of them into my own garden and am anxiously awaiting to be surprised as to which color they are. I would be happy to dig some up if anyone is interested???

*I can also divide up small pieces of my Silver Mound Artemsesia ~ I've already had to cut it back already this season. It mounds beautifully and the silver leaves are a nice contrast to the other perennials in the same bed.

*I have LOTS of plastic pots which I will bring like I did last year...in fact, a good amount of them came from my treasures from last year's Scotia exchange!

*I have some gardening magazines from 2004, as well as a couple perennial books that someone found at a garage sale and gave to me.

Let's see, as to what I'm wishing for...

*Hey, LNMP, could I have a small piece or two of your saliva?

*ANNE-MARIE: I would love some of your oriental poppy coral reef, and your agastache honey bee blue.

*Channon: I would love some of your anise hyssop and obedient plants.

*Fairydancer: Your red flax, purple and white liatrus, and solidago seeds would be awesome, if you have enough to spare??

*Can't recall who offered, but I'd love to try a Rose of Sharon or two...

Other wishlist plants would be:
* astilbe
* lilies (the tiger type but perhaps in other colors??)
* any native ferns (like Christmas, hay-scented, ostrich, maidenhair, etc.)
* any native ornamental grasses plants OR seeds (like Karl Foerster, northern sea oats, bluestem, indian grass, fountain grass, purple sand grass, etc.)
* any type of veronica...I was broken-hearted that all of my half-priced "bargains" I got at the very end of last fall died over the winter :(

REALLY looking forward to the 11th, to meet new GW gardeners, and to reacquaint myself with those I met at last year's exchange!

Wilton, NY
* any creeping groundcover (since my goal in the next few years is to have hardly any lawn in my not quite half an acre yard...but instead fill it with perennials, shrubs, groundcovers, etc. it's just too much to mow!!!!!

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Sorry...OOPSSS. I hovered over the wrong button (submit instead of preview) and didn't mean to send my post as it appears. Actually, the last *starred item (any creeping groundcover) should follow the "any type of veronica".

My laptop is VERY sensitive (just ask lnmp ~ she knows!! LOL). If I even hover over anything, it sends, opens, or does whatever else it feels like doing...without me doing anything. Hmmmmmm...it seems to sometimes have a mind of its own!!! ha, ha.

Wilton, NY

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okay, here I am again...

offtrack (betty??): Just went back to read the original threads and I would love some of your perennial bachelor's button (I thought it was only an annual???) as well as our tall ornamental grass.

HA, HA...oh my, you are all REALLY going to think I'm scattered (well, actually today, I kind've sort've am). You see, since I lost my job 4 weeks ago, I was told by my friend who helps me with my budget, that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES could I purchase even one plant or one bag of birdseed (these are listed under "recreation" on my budget!!) until I had received my first paycheck at my next job. Well, since I'm still looking, I longingly lovingly glance over at any nursery I am passing in my travels knowing that I can't look at anthing yet, because it will make me depressed that I don't even have a few extra "fun dollars/money" to spend on these 2 very relaxing, very grounding hobbies...

...so I have been dividing up what little stuff I do have in myb gardens like crazy just to have something different appear new in one of the other beds. Unfortunately, that's why I don't have much too trade :(

Think a good thought for me...hopefully the perfect job is just around the corner???


Wilton, NY

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Aurore(Zone 4/5 NY)

Was it Kareen who had the jack in the pulpit? I got one too. Thought I may have ripped it out of the garden when I was weeding. I was just about heart broken thinking I had pulled it up, but there he was this spring good as ever. Thanks Kareen.

Here is a link that might be useful: my garden diary

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Flowerchild(z5NY Col.Cnty.)

Sounds as though we have a lot busy gardeners out there. I'm glad everyone has their wishes posted because it is creeping up on us. I do see some wishes that I can fulfill. I'm happy about that!!
There are a few things that I would love also:
If you have some left.....
* fairydancer I would like some Goatsbeard I will nuture them along to a good size then plant them out
* Ladybug a Jack in the Pulpit would be fantastic!!!
* Anne Marie if possible (I know you have a lot of requests) but if you could squeeze in a Poppy 'Coral Reef' and a Stokesia 'Skyrocket' that would be terrific. Thanks for posting the pics.
See ya'll soon!!

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Sorry.. but the poppies went on Sunday... They did not make it through the 'move'. Too long of a taproot, I guess. Maybe they would have recovered, but after 5 days, I lost faith. Sorry about that Flowerchild and adkmountaingirl. For consolation, I'll post a pic of mine when they are in blooom. A little late this year, but soon..

Adkmoutaingirl best of luck in your search for a job. That's tough! Looking forward to seeing you again.

Must run,

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Hi, Anne Marie:

Thanks for the good wishes that I find a new job that I actually like!!!

No problem about the poppies. Maybe someone else has some they can bring on the 11th???? Seeds or seedlings would be awesome. (Any takers??)

I'm really looking forward to the 11th!! See you all then...

Wilton, NY

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Ok gals I have potted up about 30 Brugmansias yellow white and a batch of mixed I will call surprise. At the time I was doing the cuttings was when I rec;d the word that I had breast cancer I just put them all in one pot. I am cancer free so I am sure you will be surprised if it is pink white or y ellow. See you at the exchange.

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offtrackbetty(z5 NY)

I called one of my plants Dragon flower above (that is what the person who gave it to me called it), but another friend who knows plants identified it as Pestimon or beard tongue. I will bring a few pots of it but if anyone is really interested I will bring more. I can also bring chives and try to dig up a poppy (the red-orange kind). Check my list above and post if there is anything else anyone wants-- I won't have time to dig up many extras, mostly just what is requested.

I see a lot of plants that sound good to me. I need to fill areas in sun and part shade with small to medium sized plants. I like easy to care for plants that don't need deadheading or dividing every year. Thanks! See you Sat.

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Hi all- I can use some WET AREA plants. Still fighting that problem but getting a handle on it. See you Saturday!!


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I would definitely love to try some of your dragon flower/penstimon. Would you have enough to give me 2? (It is a native plant and that's what I usually try to plant for my bird and butterfly garden.)

And although I know it's not a native, if you could spare a poppy that would be wonderful as well.

See you all on Saturday!!

Wilton, NY

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Aurore(Zone 4/5 NY)

Hey, I'm not in Albany.
What is the weather forcast?
I think it said rain for here. Anybody got a canopy?
My wish list/suggestions are those plants on my garden web want list.
Still not sure if I can get a car, but I'm hoping to be there.

Here is a link that might be useful: my webpage

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fairydancer(z5 NY)

I think the weather forecast is calling for a chance of showers basically everyday this week and into the weekend.....we've only had showers in the evenings though, so I'm confident we'll be good to go! It will probably be hot, so bring those water bottles!


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Well, I started dividing up some perennials and putting them into pots last night. Unfortunately, there are a few plants I can't figure out how to split safely (like my low-growing Phlox), and then there are plants like Spiderwort which are simply HUGE at this point. So, I will bring my list of perennials with me, and if you don't see something you want, just ask! See you all Saturday.

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