wanted: wny plant swap: 6/4/06 whacha got/want??

garden_frog(Z6 Western NY)April 5, 2006

So, we are fast approaching the WNY Plant swap and inquiring minds want to know:

What are you going to bring?

What do you hope to get?

I'll be back in a bit to post some of my haves/wants.


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garden_frog(Z6 Western NY)

OK, well here's what I "think" I'll have..who knows for sure with this winter?

Mrs. Moon (pulmonaria)
Several Iris varieties including two or three purples, 1 white, 1 or 2 yellows, and a burgandy
Obediant plant (white and purple)
Mallow (both the plain pink and the braveheart varieties)
False Indigo
Bee Balm
Maybe some daylily varieties
some additional seedlings to be determined based on what sprouts
hopefully much more

Balloon Flower
Black eyed susans
Spring Bulbs
any trees or shrubs (would love more butterfly bush!!)

That's my list for now. I'll get a list on my trade page and keep that updated.


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Hi All,
I've got a list started on my trade page. I will add to it when it gets closer to the exchange.
Please, anyone, if you see something you want, tell me. I may not bring everything listed.

I have, if it survived winter, a baby Butterfly Bush, so if it did I'll bring it for you.
The white Iris I got from you last year is looking good already. It looks bigger. I think its going to bloom nice.

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faltered(Hamburg NY Z5/6)

I just updated my list on my trade page.

Pretty simple and straightforward. I'll keep adding more to it as my winter sown babies start sprouting. Most of my plants aren't big enough to divide yet, but I hope to have a bunch of seedlings to share.

Tara- I have a light purple butterfly bush that I could take a couple cuttings from and bring to the swap if you're interested.

Remy- I'd love some of your strawberries and Japanese Iris! I've been looking for both for a while.

Can't wait to "meet" you all at the swap.


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gottagarden(z5 western NY)

I found it tricky to find out where to edit my trade list. In case you found it tricky, here's how.

At the VERY top of the forums page (in gold) click on YOUR PROFILE.
Log in
Once you are logged in, go to the very BOTTOM of the page, in gold, and click on member pages.
Select "edit your exchange lists"

Finally! I don't know why they make it so difficult to find this, but there you have it!

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Sure I'll have the Strawberries and Iris for you.

Another way to edit your trade page is when you are in a regular forum before you read a post, scroll to the bottom, and click on Member Services. Edit My Trade Page comes up in the list of choices.

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Oh, and I just forgot. Gottagarden made me realize my trade page says not to e-mail me about the list. Ignore that, it is to stop e-mails from out of towners.

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hammerl(z5-6 Amherst NY)

Anyone have any broken iris they want to bring?
I'd also like some nice siberian iris and primrose, toad lilies, tiarella, and any shade plants that are a bit more unusual than your typical hosta or astilbe. (I have TONS of shade).

I'm not sure what will come of my wintersown plants, but will probably bring some of them. Details as they progress.

Out in the garden I have tons of extra black eyed susan (which I should dig up this weekend as I am having surgery Monday and by the time I can dig again they'll be hard to get out), purple coneflower, maybe some jupiter's beard, daylilies, pulmonaria, and maybe a few other things. I will probably pot up a few pots of things that I can split but don't have a whole lot of.

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Hi! here Is what I have to bring:
Zebra grass
Pourcupine grass
Black Mondo grass
Elijah blue fescue
Shenendoah switch grass
Flame grass
maybe a piece of Miscanthus Cabaret
stella D oro daylilly
Black eyed susans
Purple coneflower
Tiger lillies
creeping jenny 'Aurea'
and some euonymus shrubbery I dont want anymore.

I wish I could post more often, I feel out of the loop. Its been a while. Cant wait . Glen

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I dug up the butterfly bush from along the fence. I hope the new neighbors weren't watching,lol. I don't mean they think I was stealing a bush, it's small. They probably think I'm digging their weeds! Anyway, a stem along the ground had roots in two places, so I cut it in half and potted them separate. I figure there will be a better chance of one living for you. I do hope you didn't buy a Lochinch butterfly bush on that Bluestone order! I figure that is what it will look like since it came from that. I can see little baby silvery leaves.

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The tomato seedlings look very promising this year. I have 3 different heirlooms and 'currant'. I also seeded some English delphiniums. They are just sprouting and if enough of them make it, I'll bring some along.

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garden_frog(Z6 Western NY)

Does anyone have any ferns or astible???

I just realized that I now have a shade garden!! I completely forgot that the north side of my house would be shaded...I got so used to having all full sun.

So I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE some ferns! Anyone have any? If not, anyone know a good local source? I'm looking especially for the taller ferns like Ostrich Fern or something similar.

Remy, I am SO EXCITED for my Butterfly bushes!! I did order a couple on bluestone, but trust me, I've got LOTS of space now. Plus, I got a different variety, so it's all good! Thanks so much!

Tracy, I must confess, I am no good at cuttings. Propogating is on my list of things to learn though. I'd love some cuttings, but I can't promise I won't kill them!

Valerie, what do you mean by broken iris? Am I clueless or what???

Glen, YAY! More grasses!!! Oh and keep the euonymus away from my pool area. I've got a raging scale problem that I can't seem to get under control and I had to cut down all my euonymus around there because they were so diseased. Anyone know any good, organic ways to get rid of scale other than soapy water or safer?

OK, so I updated my trade page including adding pics of the irises that I have available..

Here is a link that might be useful: Tara's trade page

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I am bringing:

Yellow and orange daylillies
Blue columbine
hostas Green and varagated
rose campion
iris unknown color
dantura white
other plants that I don't know the names of!

I have May apple which is a nice shade plant. I don't remember if I didn't bring it last year because it was done growing, or if I just ran out of time. It is starting to come up now. I will bring you some if you want!

I am looking for:

Zebra grass
blue grasses
lemon balm
other herbs
other color of lilies except yellow and orange
Anything that is pretty, and easy to grow.


I can't wait till June!

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tastefullyjulie(Lewiston, NY 6)

I'm not sure if I'll be able to come yet (I'll know in a couple weeks) but if I do I'd be more than happy to dig up some of the mint I have invading many of my gardens! Newbie mistake to think it would look good in the front of the border, LOL.

Tara, is your false indigo purple or yellow? I've been dying for some purple.


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penny1947(z6 WNY)

Not sure yet what I can bare to part with but I know I should have some salvia subrotunda (These aren't even available to the public yet), some agastaches and possible some fuchsia 'gartenmeister bonstedt' I am still waiting on a lot of my winter sown seeds to sprout or grow.

If anyone is interestes in lily of the valley, I can bring those too. I will have to look at my trade list to see what I have left and get it updated.


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garden_frog(Z6 Western NY)

OK, as I've been working in the garden I discovered a wealth of Rose of Sharon babies. Anyone want any? Also, I added primrose to my list as well. I may have to take off the false indigo. I thought I had some seedlings starting late last summer, but it doesn't look like they've come back. (Julie, it's purple by the way...if I don't have it this year, I can either give it to you next year, or I think Mary B. probably has some since she's the one who gave it to me initially. It's really one of my favorites from my garden. And for what it's worth, I didn't even know yellow false indigo exisited...do you have that?)

We're getting close, just a couple of weeks away!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!

By the way, I know I owe several people emails...I'm hoping to get back to everyone today or tomorrow. I've been so busy planting I haven't made time to email anyone.

See you all in a few weeks.


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It won't be long now! I have the week before off, no rushing this year, yea!
I'm bringing False Indigo.

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tastefullyjulie(Lewiston, NY 6)

I think the yellow is more commonly called yellow baptisia but I've seen it called false yellow indigo.

It's looking more and more like I'll be able to come but I won't know what I'm bringing until the day before! We're going away for a week (May 24-31) and I have somebody coming to water my babies. Hopefully they will all survive my absence :'(

Here is a link that might be useful: yellow baptisia

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garden_frog(Z6 Western NY)

My trade list is updated again....please check out the updates as some items were removed and others added.

Let me know if you see anything you want! :)

And Julie, after I saw your post I saw a yellow false indigo at Sara's in Brockport. I'll have to get my hands on one of those eventually!

See you all Saturday!

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