WANTED: Group exchange in Utica/Rome area?

party_music50May 21, 2013

Hi all -- I know there are at least a few members who live/work in the Utica/Rome area and I'm wondering if there is interest in a group plant swap?

I have far too much in my garden beds and have been digging out plants... I feel bad just letting them die, especially if others would really like them. So far I've tossed sea holly, coreopsis, and echinacea -- all really good plants, but I just have too much! I still have tons more digging to do so I'd rather have them go to someone who'd love them. Maybe there's interest in a group exchange? or maybe there's someone who would help dig in exchange for plants?.

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I know your post is from two years ago, but if you see this, I am in your area and am interested in trades and can even bring help for digging if needed! I know the feeling of plants dying off when I know someone would have loved them if only I knew that person!! I have a ridiculous amount of Jade because I cant let the "leaves" die off, I have to plant them in a different pot and now overwhelmed with it!! But, I do have quite a few different plants (indoors & outside) or even seeds to trade.

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HeatherMarieLMT, I've sent you a msg!

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Kim Morrissey

Also In Utica area. Interested in trading.

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ridgetop01(z5 CNY)

I'm in Chittenango, but depending on where you hold the swap I'd be interested. I held one once, it was fun, would love to go to someone else's.

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