heirloom vegetable swap

Binky123June 19, 2013

Hello I am interested in doing a Heirloom vegetable Round Robin . This Round Robin will go out July the 30th. Anyone IS welcome to play. This RR is for left over heirloom seeds Im pretty sure most of us are looking for these with all the Monsanto stuff going on. So this is how this works send your excess heirloom of one kind or several varietys in and we split it into player packs for return so we can all have some Heirloom seeds You can all post here feel free to ask for one or several varities you are looking for Im sure our heirloomers out there will do their best thanks Donna Wilmoth

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zzackey(8b GA)

Sounds good to me! I'm into heirlooms big time now!

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Thanks Zackey this swap is for 6 seeds of each variety you send that is plenty for anyone to get started with I have you about 10 tomato varietys and still looking I also have a few bean varieties and some cucumber for now.This round robin is for 5 players only and players can post what they have and want so we can see whos got what we dont need 5 of one variety.I say we max it out at 25-30 packs we will decide that later when we see what we have to share if we have more we can bump it up ok hope we get 3 more players cant wait to see all these cool things.

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can you share some of what you have to swap please and I will post mine too

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zzackey(8b GA)

Fava beans, red okra, I will have to look up the rest to be sure. Maybe 10 or more varieties. Can I send in more than one envelope of each variety?

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yes that will be fine zachey no problem I have swiss chard lima beans and do you like jalepenos canned I have alot of jars of them and they are good when I send you these I will send you a jar and the recipe ok

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zzackey(8b GA)

I only want limas if they are poled. I can't bend well. The peppers sound great! Thanks!!

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