Anyone want some Strawberry&Cream Ribbon Grass?

qbirdy(z4/5 Central NY)May 15, 2005

For local pickup? Or maybe I could deliver in Oswego County. I've been digging this plant out, its Strawberries&Cream ribbon grass, its pretty but invasive in my flower garden. Covered a 4'x6' area in 2 years. If you are interested send me an email, tag it "ribbon grass" or post here. I don't want anything for it, just to get rid of it, lol. I've some ready to go!


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JoyGarden(z4 NY)

I looked up pictures of the grass you have and it looks really pretty! I wish I lived closer (I live nearish to Watertown) or could justify (to my husband) spending gas to come down and pick some up! Ha! :)

We have recently moved into the house I grew up in and have very nice neighbors who have a four year old little boy. He likes to wander over and play with our boys all the time which is fine but I'd like some privacy once-in-a-while, too. I've been thinking of putting in some type of fast-growing grass to make a screen between our houses. Would you recommend your grass for that type of thing? If so then maybe that will be enough justification to come down and get some from you! ;) The spot I'm thinking of is fairly swampy most of the growing season so I think it would do well there. I originally thought of pampas grass but there aren't many types that are hardy in zone 4.


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qbirdy(z4/5 Central NY)

The grass only gets 3 to 3 1/2' tall, but seems to get taller each year. It covers the ground quickly once established, and I love the sound of it when the wind blows through it. I just wish it had better manners! LOL!
Use the trick for a road trip I use, I always want to go to the Regional Market in Syracuse, sure its a drive but well worth it! Its getting into swing and there are all kinds of plants available there. I'm planning on going there Saturday! Sometimes they have nice ornamental grasses, and Hafners Farm Market on Taft Rd has a lot of nice tall ornamentals too.

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JoyGarden(z4 NY)

I had never heard of the regional market until today! It sounds awesome. We will definitely have to make it down there sometime. My husband wants to go this weekend but we just don't have the money for it right now (and I'll want to spend money!). ;)

I imagine we'll go sometime within the next few weeks. We'll go right by Pulaski so maybe I can stop in then if you still have any grass leftover. Would that be ok?

Thanks for the info!

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qbirdy(z4/5 Central NY)

Sure, just let me know when you'll stop in, I'll save some grass for you :)


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JoyGarden(z4 NY)

Woohoo! Thanks! :)I love anything variegated. Not a whole heck of a lot of grasses are hardy where I live.

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theraglady47(z4 NY)

Joygarden, I am in Watertown too. I don't have any tall grsses, but may have some other leftovers in a week or two. I just gave away a ton of rose bushes. We moved here last November so are redoing all of the gardens this year.

I have tons of in and outdoor plants. It is like a jungle in my house.

I just hope it gets warm soon.

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