WANTED: Wanted: Large canna, seeds or rhyzomes

nightrider767(San Antonio)March 4, 2008

I have two corners of my yard that I'd like to cover with some canna that will grow six feet or taller. I have President rhyzomes to trade or plenty of seed I collected in Hawaii from a plant that was four feet tall with light green leaves and yellow flowers that had a hint of peach.

Thanks for looking.


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Hey Mike ! Remember I told you I had some canna for ya ? One of them is musifolia which gets 10 feet plus at my house. But it's a species canna, so don't know if you'd mind the smaller blooms.

patty (the banana person)

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nightrider767(San Antonio)


Thanks. I'd love them. I'm personally of the mind that 1/2 of the canna, and sometimes more, is actually the the plant itself and the nice leaves.

Fact is,,, with canna, the flowers are typically so-so, even in the best of cases. I mean yes, they do provide lots of good color, but I know for a fact that there are many people who grow them and cut the flowers off at the first opportunity.

I can go either way with that.

But I do know one thing, this summer I will have a lot of canna, and it's going to be a real battle keeping the bugs off of them.

But I certainly do enjoy a challenge.

I don't know why I like cannas so much. They can really be sort of ratty, and slummy looking. But they're enthusiastic growers. And that's something I admire.

Take care and thanks again.


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