WANTED: 2009 Tara's Greatest Plant Swap/watcha want/watcha got

husky004_(z5 NY)May 18, 2009

Ok it's getting close whatcha want and whatcha got??

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gottagarden(z5 western NY)

OK - I'd love to do a pre-arranged swap with anybody. I've got big lists, so bear with me.

campanula "Elizabeth Oliver"
oriental lilies
angelica gigas
sumac 'tiger eye' - Rhus typhina 'Bailtiger' Tiger Eyes
lilac 'sensation' - (purple with white edges)
phlox david (cuttings ok)
phlox harlequin or becky towe (cuttings ok)
veronica icicle
crambe maritima
hibiscus moscheutos - tall red hardy hibiscus
dwarf conifers
penstemons, all colors
toadlily (tricyrtis)
gaillardia fanfare
dahlias - orange, red cactus, etc.
sedum neon
purple/violet verbascum
leptodermis oblonga
tanacetum - painted daisy
peonies - varieties I don't have - just ask
glory-of-the-snow (chionodoxa)
any oriental lilies
lathyrus vernus - perennial sweetpea
any turks cap lilies - lilium martagon
any spring bulbs
agastaches - other than blue fortune or cana
anything you think I might like :-)

Have: - let me know if you want something, I'm not bringing all of these ;-)

acer griseum - special trade
achillea millefolium - cranberry pink
achillea tomentosa - very dwarf yellow yarrow - not invasive
amaranthus seedlings - dwarf and tall
ampelopsis brevipendunculata variegata
anise hyssop - agastache blue fortune
anemone 'Honorine Jobert'
anthemis tinctoria - ECBuxton
anthriscus sylvestris ravenswing
asarum europaeum - wild ginger
aster frikartii
aster alma potschke
astilbe dwarf
astilbe snowdrift
astrantia Moulin RougeÂ
bearded german iris - all colors, all gorgeous fancy and large,
bee balm - red, maroon, pink, white, lavender
bleeding heart  pink, white, pink fringed
bronze fennel
brunnera ÂJack FrostÂ
campanula blue clips
campanula cherry bells
campanula cochlearifolia
campanula glomerata
campanula persicifolia
campanula sarastro
centaurea dealbata  persian coneflower
centaurea montana  montana bluet
chrysanthemum - heirloom button yellow - very hardy
clematis Radar Love - yellow
coreopsis crème brulee
coreopsis moonbeam
coreopsis zagreb
corydalis lutea
dahlia - arabian night - dark red
dahlias - red, yellow, pink, maroon, white with purple edges
dark red sweet william "sooty"
daylilies - orange, red, yellow, maroon, cream, etc.
dicentra spectabilis - bleeding heart
dicentra spectabilis alba - white bleeding heart
dicentra eximia - fringed bleeding heart
dicentra eximia - white fringed bleeding heart
dog tooth violet - erythronium
donkey tail - euphorbia myrsinites
eryngium  sea holly
eupatorium - joe pye weed
eupatorium 'cori' - dwarf blue (perennial ageratum)
euphorbia dulcis Âchamaeleon  red leaves
euphorbia myrsinites  donkeytail
fleece flower - persicaria affine
filipendula ulmaria flore plena - dropwort
geranium Âmax freiÂ
geranium ÂsamoborÂ
geranium biokovo karmina (violet)
geranium biokovo white
geranium sanguineum striatum  light pink
golden creeping jenny
hens and chicks
hellebore seedlings
helianthus maximiliani - Maximilian sunflower - perennial
hibiscus moscheutos - pink hardy hibiscus
hollyhock black (very dark magenta)
hosta patriot
hosta sum and substance
hosta ivory necklace
hosta blue mouse ears
hyacinthoides hispanica - wood hyacinth  purple, pink and white
iris  german bearded  ÂBatik  dark purple splashed with white
iris  german bearded  ÂBeverly Sills pink
iris  german bearded  ÂDover Beach  light and dark blue bicolor
iris  german bearded  ÂSamurai Warrior red
iris  german bearded  various purples and pinks, peach
iris ensata ÂgustoÂ
japanese blood grass
knautia macedonica
lady's mantle - alchemilla mollis
lambs ears
lilies - asiatic orange, yellow, light pink, dark pink
lily Âblack beautyÂ
lily -asiaticÂmonte negroÂ
lysimachia - alexander
may apple - podophyllum
miscanthus sinensis Âsilver featherÂ
miscanthus sinensis variegatus
nepeta  walkers low
pearly everlasting
peonies - sarah bernhardt, karl rosenfeld, festiva maxima, ballerina
persicaria affine - fleece flower
polygonum bistorta - fleece flower
polygonatum odoratum variegatum - variegated Solomon's seal
primrose  heirloom light yellow - very, very long bloom time
primrose  scarlet with yellow eye
primrose - heirloom pale yellow
pulmonaria 'Majeste'
pulmonaria 'Mrs. Moon'
rose campion - lychnis coronaria
rose of sharon - various colors
rudbeckia hortensia - outhouse plant - tall
rudbeckia herbstonne
salvia may night
salvia purple rain
scabiosa ochreleuca
sedums creeping - lots of different kinds - pink, yellow,
sedum album
sedum acre
sedum Bertram Anderson
sedum spurium tricolor
sedum hispanica - tiny buttons sedum
sedum kamtschaticum variegatum - gold flowers and gold edged leaves
sedum spectabile autumn joy
sedum spectabile frosty morn
sedum spectabile brilliant
sedum spectabile matrona
soapwort - pink
stachys hummelo - betony
stokesia laevis purple parasol
stokesia laevis alba - white
tradescantia  spiderwort  dark purple, violet purple, hot pink, light purple
turtlehead - chelone - pink - careful it's a spreader!
verbena bonariensis - tall and purple
veronica Âcrater lake blueÂ
veronica incana - silver leaves, purple spiky flowers
willow  arctic willow  narrow blue-green leaves
willow - hakura nishiki (white variegated leaves)
willow - salix alba 'flame' - gorgeous bright orange bark
wood hyacinth - pink
yucca bright edge (yellow striped leaves)

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husky004_(z5 NY)

Brenda-you showoff lol...is this just a selection from the north 40?????

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Hi Brenda,
From your list -
phlox david - I have this

sanguisorba - I have Salad Burnet - both seed and plants

penstemons, all colors - I have Barbatus Coccineus (vermillion red flowers) and Husker red (red foliage white flowers)

dahlias - orange, red cactus, etc. - I have Dark Desire

oriental lilies -
I have unknown variety Red and unknown variety Orange
Let me know what or all of these you want

I would love some of:
anemone 'Honorine Jobert'
anthriscus sylvestris ravenswing
astrantia Moulin Rouge
hosta sum and substance
polygonatum odoratum variegatum - variegated Solomon's seal
sedum spectabile frosty morn
stokesia laevis alba - white
And if you have any all white Iris - any type


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In addition to the list above, I would also love some cuttings of the ninebark diabolo and yellow twig dogwood and yes I definitely want the leptinella.

I have a Hosta called white feather. I keep it in a pot so would be happy to divide it if you would like some.


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Oh and either or both of the Pulmonaria :o)

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What I have ready to go so far -
Ajuga Chocolate chip Ajuga reptans 'Valfredda' CHOCOLATE CHIP blue flowers
Begonia Taurus Rex
Carex buchananii Red Rooster, Leatherleaf Sedge
Dahlia Dark Desire single flowered border or container dahlia, dark chocolate maroon flowers with yellow stamens
Echinacea purpurea 'Magnus', 24 to 36 inch ht 12 to 18 inch spread, hot pink flowers with brown/bronze cone
Echinacea paradoxa 24 to 36 inch ht 12 to 18 inch spread, yellow flowers
Hemerocallis Daylily Pandora's Box 18 - 24" ht 2 ft spread cream to peach flowers with dark hot pink throat
Hemerocallis 'Ice Carnival' Daylily pale yellow to white with yellow throats 28" ht
Hops Humulus lupulus female
Jade Plant Variegated Crassula ovata Tricolor small rooted and unrooted cutting
Lysimachia nummularia 'Aurea' Golden Creeping Jenny
Lysimachia Punctata Golden Alexander Pp#13547 Yellow flowers early to late summer
Lamium maculatum White Nancy white flowers mid summer to fall
Linaria purpurea Springside White 2 ht flowers spring to frost (self seeds)
Miscanthus Sinensis variegatus Eulalia Variegated Grass green rib with white margins, 5 to 9 ft ht 4 to 5 ft spread
Persicaria microcephala 'Red Dragon' Herbaceous perennial White flower balls Mid summer Ht 20" - 38" (grows well as house plant, roots very easily)
Prairie Sunflower (H. Maximillianii) yellow flowers in late summer to early fall, 6 to 8 ft ht, full sun
Sambucus Eldeberry Sambucus canadensis 8-12 feet ht 8-10 feet spread Rapid growth Almond scented huge white flower heads Jul heavy fruit producer with great flavor
Strawberries And Cream Ribbon Grass Phalaris arundinacea Feesey Reed Canary Grass, 2ft ht 2ft spread Spreads and can be invasive
Willow Hakuro Nishiki Dwarf Willow Salix integra variegated leaves 6 to 8 ft ht 5 ft spread.
Willow Corkscrew Salix matsudana, 'Tortuosa' (also Erythroflexuosa) 20-40 feet ht 15-30 feet spread rapid growth

Strawberries Honeoye June bearing
Egyptian Multiplier Onions
Jerusalem Artichoke Helianthus tuberosus flowers July 10 ft ht

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gottagarden(z5 western NY)

OK, Rosalinda, I will start potting things up today. Re white iris, I got some in a trade last year that have not bloomed yet, so I have every other color except white. Next year I will probably have some, but the ones I got have not multiplied yet. I should be able to get everything else. Looking forward to our swap! Thanks!

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What I want - just in case anyone missed it from the other thread....
(seedlings, rooted plants, divisions, cuttings or seed)
Ajuga burgundy glow
Anemone White Flowered
Angelica Gigas
Any black or very dark leaved Alocasia or Colocasia
Any Green flowered Lily (Trebbiano, Latvia)
Any type White flowered Iris
Asclepias incarnata Ice Ballet (White flowers)
Astilboides tabularis
Begonia China Curl
Black Bamboo Phyllostachys Nigra
Clematis Florida Pena (green flowered)
Cornus kousa 'Wolf Eyes'
Dahlia Black Wizard
Eastern Redbud Cercis canadensis Forest Pansy
Hosta Sum and Substance
Leptinella squalida 'Platt's Black'
Musa Basjoo
Ninebark Physocarpus opulifolius "Diabolo"
Panicum virgatum Shenandoah.
Panicum virgatum 'North Wind'
Phormium "Platts Black"
Pulmonaria longifolia Bethlehem Sage 'Diana Clare'
Veronica Dwarf Ulster Blue or any dwarf Veronica
Yellow Twig Dogwood "Budd's Yellow"
Rheum palmatum v. atrosanguineum (atropurpureum) , ornamental rhubarb
Rheum palmatum v. tanguticum, ornamental rhubarb

Add to my what am I bringing list:
Polemonium Jacobs Ladder blue flowers


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penny1947(z6 WNY)

Most of what I will be bringing will be seedlings from this year unless otherwise state. All are good hummingbird nectar plants




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gottagarden(z5 western NY)

Hey Penny, I just ripped out gobs of baptisia seedlings this weekend. Fortunately, there is another bed I didn't weed yet, so I can bring some of these for you. Also, do you have any pulmonaria? I was surprised the see the hummers like this shade plant, but they do!

I would love some of the agastache 'double bubblemint'.


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Hi there...where and when??...never been. Did I miss it? I'm in Olean and looking for lunaria & koosa seeds, & valerian plants...I have raspberries, blackberries, ajuga, sweet william, lily of the valley and probably more.

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Hi everyone long time no post. I cant wait for the swap . Rosalinda I have musa basjoo. I sure would like some echinacea paradoxa. This is my favorite time of year. I have not posted in forever, I am putting an addition on my house so free time is limited. Here is a list of stuff I have.

Canna Wyoming
Canna red futurity
Canna Stuttgart
Canna striped wonder
Tropicanna Gold
Canna red king humbert
canna yellow king humbert
Cup plant
Purple Majesty Millet
assorted Hostas

Sorry everyone this will be the first year I do not bring grasses.


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penny1947(z6 WNY)

You have mail!

Hey Glen!
Looking forward to seeing you this year! One of these days I am going to get over to your beautiful 'tropicalesque' garden


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Nice to see you here. The grasses I got from you last swap are all doing great, even the zone 6 Miscanthus which was going to be iffy at best, survived this cold winter. I planted it on the south east corner of the house as I figured it would be warmer and sheltered there, and with a great snow cover all winter, it came back, and seems to be really taking off now that it has warmed up a little here.

I will make sure I have a couple of e. paradox for you, and yes I would love some Basjoo.

See you soon

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garden_frog(Z6 Western NY)

I'll take stock of what I have. I know I have at least some of the items on people's wish lists! I'll send you all emails with the info on what I have.

Shotzynbonk...I host the swap...it's in Hamlin, NY (between Rochester and Buffalo)...June 7th. If you are interested in attending, drop me an email and I'll send you an evite.

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i am working the night shift friday and hoping to get out early! if i make it i have mostly common stuff
mix wedding phlox no mold
mix columbine
purple palace
turtle head pink
purple monks head
white tril
jack in the puplit
dog tooth violet
mix tgbi
white tgbi
dwarf gbi
huge colchium
mix allium
star of bethlehem
orange hawkweed
fire and ice hosta
sum and substance hosta if i can get the sucker in my car
stiletto hosta same as above

and assorted garden books

my focus is shade plants
yellow peony ( then i can die happy)
things i don't have
all i need is directions!

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fleethart(z6 WNY)

What I am bringing:
Japanese Barberry; Crimson pygmy and common green leaved
Dwarf conifer
Red Twig Dogwood shrub
eunymus, variegated deciduous shrub
Wild grape-yields rich dark jelly (or wait til fall and pyo at my place)
lilac light purple
black raspberry
hens & chicks
lambs ear
Rose of Sharon Blue Satin
black walnut seedlings
silver maple seedlings
ornithogalum umbellatum, grass lily
lysimachia punctata, garden loosestrife (non-invasive)
Will dig by request:
Globe Allium (1)
Contorted Willow-cutting (lots)
Hostas (lots)
Hydrangea (4)
Labrador Violet (limited)
prostrate evergreen (1)
trout lily (limited)
sugar maple (limited)
hardy yucca (1)
Fresh hens eggs (limited)
Looking For:
Anything on my exchange lists and unusual shade plants, excluding white blossoms or variegated foliage.
Esp. calycanthus sinensis or calycanthus Hartlage Wine!
Does anyone have kenaf seeds or camellia seeds?
See you all soon,


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hilde_wny(z5 NY)

Raspberry, everbearing "Caroline"
Raspberry, everbearing "Heritage"
Blackberry, erect, thornless "Apache"
yucca with a huge, showy white flower, green and yellow leaves
tomatoes - open pollinated and good varieties
Chocolate mint
Apple mint
french tarragon
oregano (greek, culinary)
Rosa Rugosa, pink, with edible hips

Syringa vulgaris (lilac) "De Miribel"
Syringa vulgaris (lilac) "Michel Buchner"
Echinecea (Coneflower) "Razzmatazz"
any coneflowers
any peonies
a blue iris

I might not bring the whole HAVE list, if there is something that you want, e-mail me!

See you all soon!


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haves to add on
i have angelica gigis seeds? alot, they take 2 year to be beautiful
pixy lily
ver sol seal
kiss me over the garden gate starts

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gottagarden(z5 western NY)

Rosalinda, I DO have white iris for you. I forgot about some I got from Tara until it bloomed. Will bring that for you.

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anyone have any filipendula or
king tut papryus?

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gottagarden(z5 western NY)

I have filipendula rubra (tall) and filipendula flore pleno (short). Both lovely.

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Thanks Brenda!

Nixon, just make note that the swap is on Sun not Sat (you mentioned working Fri night....


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thanks , but i am working saturday night also and having the flu on sunday, looking forward to it, washed all my pots today, found some wood aneome!, native solomen and dug my tril, cathleen

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Just in case you don't read the regular forum in the next few days. Guess what I'm bringing on Sunday? Yes, I'm bringing Cardoons to eat! : )
Better late than never,

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

What on earth are cardoons? Aren't they those things that look like dandelions but have sharp spines on the leaves?


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Hi Penny,
There is a lot of Cardone/Cardoon and burdock confusion. Cardone is a zone 7 and higher perennial, so it does not grow in this area. It is very closely related to Artichokes. It is generally harvested in the fall after the stems have grown for the season. This is sold at Wegmans during the winter early spring. It looks like Mutant celery.
Now somehow, when the Italians came here, they realized burdock, which of course is a readily available weed, that looks like Rhubarb, tasted like cardone. So the Italians call it Cardone/cardoon/ Cardooni/Gardooni/etc. Though also in the thistle family, it is not a close relative of artichoke like cardone. It is harvested in the spring.
So I will be making the burdock cardoon for everyone. It is cooked to be like fritters sort of. After cleaning, cutting up into small pieces, and boiling, it is mixed with eggs Italian breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese. If you like artichokes, you'll like it.
Looking forward to seeing you Sunday!

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husky004_(z5 NY)

I can't wait Remy that was on my wish list!

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garden_frog(Z6 Western NY)

I've got a couple of white irises I'll dig up for you Rosalinda...I also have diablo ninebark but it doesn't appear to have any shoots off of it. Can you root it?

Hilde, I might have a couple of unknown varieties of phlox. I've got several but the tags faded so I don't remember which is which until they bloom.

Brenda, I've got your plants already to go. The galardia looks a little wilty but I got plenty of root so hopefully it perks up. If not, I'll get you some more.

Tauna, I've got bee balm set aside for you.

Is anyone looking for any particular Iris? I've got so many now, and most are in bloom but it seems most years people don't end up taking them. If anyone is looking for any specific colors/varieties, let me know.

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garden_frog(Z6 Western NY)

The purple trail site is giving me issues sending out directions. I'm hoping to straighten it out, but please disregard the first two emails it sent out tonight.

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I am new to gardening and have just tried sowing seeds this year, so I won't have much to bring to the swap. What I can bring are golden acorn squash seedlings, lemon balm seedlings (very tiny), joe pye weed seedlings (again, very tiny), and some echinacea purpurea (common type that everyone seems to already have, lol). Anyone interested in these small, common little plants?

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garden_frog(Z6 Western NY)

Shropshire, yes of course! We've got a good mix of new and old gardeners so you'll find people interested in all sorts of things!

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I wouldn't mind some golden acorn squash seedlings.

And yes Tara, I can at least try to root the Diablo - hopefully Brenda has some also, so some of it will root! I will bring a propagator set up with me....

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hilde_wny(z5 NY)

Hi Tara,

I love phlox and will take your unknown variety! Thanks! Do you want me to bring you everbearing raspberry this year? (Caroline and Heritage)

Shropshire, this is my 2nd plant swap, and I am a novice gardener too. This is so much fun, and everyone are so nice, you will love it!


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garden_frog(Z6 Western NY)

OK Hilde, I'll pull one or two of the unknown phlox for you in the morning. Do you want Prarie Phlox too? Or just the garden phlox? No raspberries for me this year. Unfortunately we're having to move again. :( So I'm mainly just looking for things to fill the holes where I'll be pulling plants to move with me. Now next year I may be looking for some though!

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hilde_wny(z5 NY)

Hi Tara, the Prairie Phlox looks beautiful. If it is not too much trouble, I would love some! I know the spot for it! (moist and full/partial sun)

Wow, you are moving again! I will ask about it at the swap! Can't wait to see you again!


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What an absolutely wonderful plant swap it was!!!!! All of you who missed it, missed a great time, good food, wonderful plants, and a outstanding group of people.

Thank you to everyone who brought so many interesting plants. I had so much fun and am already looking forward to next year.

Tara, you and Scott are really incredible hosts.


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