My Blooming Sweetsop

tropicalisteMay 2, 2011

Puttering in my garden I didn't exactly notice at first but when I pulled the leaves apart on the tip of my Sweetsop I found 2 flower buds, what a neat surprise! I wasn't expecting them to bud at this young of an age, and in the pot they are in, when I got back from the Philippines in '08 I just threw my Sweetsop seeds into a small pot and let them sprout and since then been meaning to repot but I haven't. Now they're bonsai... lol


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Nice looking plant, its nice to see a surprise bloom on a small container plant. Btw, do you root prune your plants or just pot up?

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Kind of been "lazy" regarding these so the plants in the pictures have really just gone from seed to the bud with only watering and overwintering indoors. What's your recommendation on root-pruning? Would repotting now mean no more blooming for the rest of the season or more? Regarding root-pruning vs potting up, the seedlings usually just get potted up.


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I would root prune it. Take it out of the container, cut around bottom 1/3 off the root zone. Then look for tangled and excessive thick roots. Cut off most thick roots, that have few smaller fibrous roots attached below. For tangled roots make sure to unravel.

Make sure to not cut off more then 50% of the root mass. Then re-pot with new soil mix. You want to aim for around 30-40% cut. Make sure to use clean tools to prevent disease from transferring to plants.

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