White Sapote Taste

ch3rri(z6 PA)May 5, 2010

Anyone here tasted the white sapote? What do you guys think about this fruit? I have to say this fruit is so so sweet that I could only each half of the fruit each time.

Here is a link that might be useful: white sapote

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tammysf(9b/10a or sz15/16)

I had one but think ate it too early. It was good and reminded me of fuyu persimmon when not crunchy.

I would like to try again but dario was sold out.

Stan posted recently about his suebelle

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hmhausman(FL 10B)

I think you describe them perfectly in your blog, Kristy. I like white sapotes. The best ones have a slight citrus taste to me. They are in the same family as citrus (Rutaceae). The problem is that many have a bitter after taste which I do not understand since I have had some fruits that didn't have it and then the next year, the fruits did have it. I assume the ones they sent you did not have the bitter after taste. BTW, the best White Sapote I have ever eaten was a Younhan's Gold.


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ch3rri(z6 PA)

Harry- I can only taste a slightly bitter taste for some but then my mom say she just taste the sweet part...lol. I read that if the fruit is too ripe then there might be a bitter taste. But then I thought the fruit have to be totally ripe to eat. But I really don't like anything that is too mushy soft, so I eat them when they are just ripe and soft when pressing. I like it when it still have a little texture to it. I think that's the best time to eat it. Also, do not wait until the fruit fall to the ground to eat it. I think then it might be too mushy already and too too too sweet...lol

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rayandgwenn(z11 Puerto Rico)

I haven't tried one yet...still waiting for the chance. It sounds pretty good.

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I had mine from my cherimoya order. I thought 3 out of the 6 were pretty good, but the other 3 had such a strange after taste I threw them away. They kind of reminded me of a pear but a more sweet and slightly less grainy. I was expecting a much smoother/creamy texture. I wonder what variety he grows? I have a 48-26 that has about 6 tiny fruit developing so I am hoping to be able to taste mine soon. I may have to thin it because all of the fruit are growing on one tiny twig very low on the trunk. Is this normal Harry? The twig they are growing on is about 6" long and has no leaves.

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I've tasted many unnamed varieties at the farmers markets and there were these large ones that are super buttery in texture. They tasted exactly like a very sweet avocado. These are my favorite types. Some of my friends have them growing in their backyard and they seem to taste different from season to season. Some varieties, I think Suebelle is one of them, produce fruit almost year round and the quality depends a lot on when you are harvesting.

I like the White Sapote's that were harvested when fully ripe and really sweet. The ones that hang on the tree and you just barely touch them and they fall off. Leo Manuel from CRFG gave me a couple fruits off his tree that tasted like a combination of Avocado, Cherimoya and Pear. You have to use your imagination but it had the buttery avocado texture that I like, a hint of sub-tropical acidity like the cherimoya and a slight pear flavor.

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I think Dario grows Vernon, not THE best tasting but very good and consistant crops. Most the bitterness is near the skin, I actually peel the skin off before I eat the fruit, if it is bruised the flesh underneath will be bitter too. Some people taste the bitterness more than others. The fruit has very soft melting flesh and is very sweet, in some some 'lemon' or acidity to break up the overwhelming sweetness. Sizes range from golfball to softball.

so far I have not had any bad fruit but there are definitely better varieties out there.


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I am wondering if mine may have been picked to early? They were definitely not what I would call buttery or overly sweet. I tried a couple when they were slightly firm, and other I let sit until the skin started to wrinkle a bit. They were not all that sweet either way. They actually reminded me a little bit of the alano sapodilla that I tried last yeat but not as sweet and not quite as grainy.

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hmhausman(FL 10B)

Typo in my earlier post.....my favorite white sapote is Younghan's Gold.


48-26, like most of the annonas can set multiple fruits and they can sprout from hard wood anywhere on the tree. I wouldn't be too quick to thin, as they will sometimes thin themselves out.


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Thanks, I was going to wait until they got some size to them before doing anything.

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