Growing Bananas in the Pot

bananafanJune 22, 2013

Has any one of you grown bananas in the pot and have them fruit for you?

I have dug many of my bananas out of the ground because the cold spells here often kill them to the ground and they have to start all over again every growing season. Since bananas take a couple to a few years to get established, I have never seen many of them fruit. Finally, I gave up and decided to keep them in the pot and protect them to see what happens. So far, I have seen a couple of them fruit. Right now, my Goldfinger is bearing fruit in a 10-gallon pot. Although I must say the fruit is scanty .. only six of them in a bunch. But, it's better than not seeing any of them fruit.

I'd like to show the picture of it fruiting, but I'm having a lot of difficulties with the browse picture here, so maybe next time I'll try again.

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These are some pictures of my Goldfinger fruiting in a 10-gallon pot. The bunch is scanty with only six bananas. I do have another mat of Goldfinger growing in the ground. I don't remember how its bananas taste .. It's probably due to them not fruiting frequently.

This picture was taken on May 24 when the bloom started to reveal the little berries.

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A week later ...

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Three weeks after ... Well the harvest time for bananas, give and take, is about 4 months approximately. So, there's still a looong wait ... lol.

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Three months after bloom, the Mama plant collapsed and fell over, so I had to harvest the bananas. They're now hanging from the ceiling.

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Picture taken today: The bananas are beginning to yellow up and that's a good sign that they're going to be ripen at some point, So even though a month earlier than harvest time, it seems not to be a problem so far. I always look forward to tasting home grown bananas. They do taste different.

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They look nice and full. You don't need a full bunch. They're far too big for anyone, although it is nice to be able to give some away.

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