What is eating my pomegranates?

jjjb(9b; ss18-19)June 21, 2013

SOMETHING has been eating my pomegranates.

I am in suburban Southern California in a regular "subdivision" home. This is my first year in this home and new to California.

Have a lovely pomegranate tree in the back yard with a lot of small pomegranates ...... about the size of a golf ball or slightly larger.

I have been noticing fallen fruit with bite marks for the last week or so. Every morning I find one or two fruit partially eaten under the tree. The fruits are still young with white seeds inside and have a lot of ripening to do yet.

Any idea what animal this might be? I am not an expert but the bite marks are larger than what a bird might make.

I have been in this home a few months now, but never seen ANY animals in the yard. Birds, yes, but no rabbits, skunks or such.

The tree sits right along a 7-8 ft tall brick wall fence and I have neighbors on all three sides.

How do I catch / prevent this animal from getting to my young fruits and destroying them?

I need to do something quickly before all my fruit is gone.


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flatwoods_farm(9A Riverview, F)

Could be rats at night

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jjjb(9b; ss18-19)

yes. thanks flatwoods. I am setting trap. hope its successful.

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Ground squirrels or regular squirrels ?

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