Advice on cherimoyas and kiwis

ylmzmJune 28, 2013

We live in northern CA, sunset zone 16. We are looking for some advice on cherimoyas and kiwis.

Cherimoyas: Which varieties would you recommend ? I like the one tasting like caramel, but I don't know which variety is it. (We are aware of the toxicity of anonas, and will be limiting cherimoya consumption)

Kiwis: What is your experience with yellow, red, and orange kiwis? Which one would you recommend? Is the taste similar to the patented Gold Kiwifruit? How about baby or arguta kiwis.

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I don't know about cherimoya variety name, but I always grow them from selected seeds from fruit that I like. In the right climate, a fast grow plant can have flowers in 3 years from seed.
In my experience, the fruit shape as a pipe cone has more complex flavor, more acidity, to my liking. Those with oblong iregular shape tend to have a very sweet as sugar -- just too blan sweet for me. The trick is to know when to pick the fruit from the tree: if it's about to fall off the tree then it's too late (loosing the taste/flavor), and eat it before the white flesh turned to darker color (over ripe).

Don't waste time with a graft tree. Best from seedling.


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