Mail order rose question

jeveritt(6)January 15, 2007

I want to order roses online this year and am looking for suggestions about good merchants. IÂm in zone 6. Probably planting mid to late April.

I looked on the Garden Watchdog and these were the top rated places:

Chamblee's Rose Nursery

Just Joey's Roses

The Uncommon Rose

American Meadows

Edmunds' Roses

Northland Rosarium

Joy Creek Nursery

Any experience with these or others?

Considering "own root" but have never tried before. Anybody have any luck with these types?



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mad_gallica(zone 5 - eastern New York)

IME, own-root roses are a waste of money for any variety that is going to regularly die back during the winter. This is aggravated by the fact that practically all the own-root nurseries sell somewhere between young and ridiculously young plants.

For this area, roses come from Pickering. Period. Full stop. If Pickering doesn't have it, it is worth while reevaluating what you are buying. It's that big a difference.

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kitcatclub(z5 NY)

Jon, I have ordered from a few of these vendors. The Uncommon Rose is a wonderful nursery that only deals in own-root roses. I have had very good luck with their roses and they are aptly named - it's a good place to find some odd varieties.

Edmund's was recently turned over to Jung Seed Co. I have not ordered from them since the switch. Before the switch, they were one of the best out there, IMO - HUGE rootstocks, very healthy. I don't know if Jung will continue that tradition. To be fair, I have ordered roses from Jung in the past and not been disappointed - I got my Ramblin' Red from them and it's turned into a monster!

Northland Rosarium is one I have mixed feelings about. They have a fantastic selection and they only sell own-roots (more on them in a minute). However, I was put off by their pricing policy. I thought they meant the $3.95 handling was a one-time addition to the bill, but they tack it on to every rose. A $13.95 rose ends up over $17, plus shipping. My fault for not reading it closely, but I wish they would just give the full price of the rose, rather than let you think you're getting a great deal. In their defense, the plants I got were healthy and strong. Your call.

As MG says above, Pickerings has been an excellent supplier of roses for northern latitudes. They are starting to sell some own-roots but mostly stick with grafted. Selection and prices are great, though their service can be a little spotty, mostly because they have one really great guy doing everything by himself! In my experience, their roses are generally of fair to good quality with the occasional exceptional thrown in. I've had a few die on me, possibly my fault, but they were very prompt in giving a credit for them.

As far as the arguments of grafted vs. own-root, they are endless. I don't agree that own-root roses themselves are necessarily evil. It depends at least partly on the type of rose you want to get. In the north, I wouldn't get a hybrid tea rose that wasn't grafted, but I wouldn't get a gallica that was. In the first case, own-root HTs are simply not strong enough to deal with our winters. Incidently, if you do buy grafted HTs, make sure you bury the graft 4 to 5 inches deep - they need the extra protection! In the second case, my only reason for buying a gallica or other 'old' rose would be for a hedge or other large feature - good luck if you think our winters can hold these roses back!

Search this site for own-root roses and you'll find lots of good information and probably a few pie fights!

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tastefullyjulie(Lewiston, NY 6)

I purchased 2 Chrysler Imperial container grown roses from S&W Greenhouse last Spring and they were amazing. They were already huge when I got them and by the end of the summer they looked better than the bushes I have had for 4 years. At the time they had a good Garden Watchdog rating though I haven't checked it since then.

Here is a link that might be useful: S&W Greenhouse

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I have had HT from Jackson and Perkins for years. The only reason they died was they had to be moved for construction on the house and were not replanted in the ground for a long period of time. Last year I ordered 4 New Generation HT from them. I assume that is want you mean by own root (no graft) If they make it through the winter this year I am sure they will live a long time.

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Hi Jon,
I've ordered from Chamblee's a few times. I have been exceptionally happy with the roses from them. They are smaller than the big roses you'll see at nurseries, but they are not the dinky ones mentioned. The Uncommon Rose has dinkier roses. Though I've ordered a few times from them anyway. I have not ordered from the others so I can't comment on them.
I do find getting potted roses planted at the beginning of May works best for me. Later and the weather can turn hot too quickly, and the roses aren't settled in yet so they don't to handle it as well.
I love own-root and will not buy otherwise if I can help it. I've only had grafted roses die on me. Maybe it has to do with the area soil. It is much different here in WNY than places to the east. It could be why Mad Gallica's experience has been so different than mine.

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