June Yard Update - Pictures

jacob13June 14, 2011

Hello Friends,

Here are some recent pictures of my Fruit trees in my yard. As the Weather Warms, I am moving more and more things out of the Greenhouse for the Summer, and am even Planting some out in the Yard. Check out some of the Before and After Pics from last year to this year.

Overview of my Yard

"Sweetheart" Lychee 1 Year Ago and Today

"Mexicola Grande" 1 Year Ago and Today

"Biew Kiew" Longan 1 Year Ago and Today

Wampee 1 Year Ago and Today

Atemoya 1 Year Ago and Today

"Hak Ip" Lychee I Just planted out 1 Month Ago

"Pineapple" Guava - Tons of Fruit This Year

Goji Berry Plants - Two of the Braches over 6' Feet Tall

Capulin Cherry & Blueberry Plants

Rollinia or Biriba Tree

My Other Rollinia or Biriba Tree

Small Green Sugar Apple

Larger Noi-Na Green Sugar Apple

"Sabara" Jaboticaba

"Paulista" Jaboticaba

Cabelluda or "Yellow" Jaboticaba

Inga Feuillei/Ice Cream Bean Tree - Stuck Between the Palm and Satsuma Tangerine Trees - About 5' Feet Tall

Strawberry Tree/Jamaican Cherry (Mutingia Calubera)

"Ice Cream" Banana Trees

"Sucrier" Banana

"Satsuma" Tangerine

"Clemintine" Tangerine

"Che" Berry or Melonberry Tree (Male & Female) & Bisexual

Grumichama Cherry

"Alphonso" Mango

Rose Apple

"Poha" Berry

"Brewster" Lychee tree with Fruit

Strawberry Guava

"Giant Fuyu" Persimmon

"Lapins" Cherry Tree

"Shangri-La" and "Silk Hope" Mulberry Trees - Thanks jsvand5

"Mauritius" & "Hak Ip" Lychee Trees

"Black Pearl" Wax Jambu

"Florida Sweet" Barbados Cherry - With Flower & Fruit

Green Sapote - With Lateral Branching

Greengage Plum Tree

Weeping Satsuma Plum Tree


"Tabouey x J-30" Jakfruit

"Black Gold" Grafted Jakfruit

"Giant Florida Purple" Surinam Cherry

"Arkin" Starfruit Tree

"Prolific" Sapodilla

Various Dragon Fruit with Red Malay Apple in the Background

The Following are plants I keep inside the small Greenhouse as I can better regulate the heat and humidity. They are Plants with which I would consider to be "Pushing the Limits".

Small Starfruit tree

Achachairu plants

Bacupari - In the Background

"Saludo" Canistel

Spanish Lime/Mamoncillo


Rambutan(Red & Yellow), Pulasan, Pedalai, Ross Sapote, Posh-Te, Jakfruit, Pindaiba, "Zill's Black" Surinam Cherry, Myrica Rubra(Yumberry), Madrono, Atemoya & Cherimoya Seedlings, Champagne Mango Seedling, and Abiurana Trees

"Traingle" Palm Tree Grown from Seed


- Jacob

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Wooah a lot of work and passion can be seen thru those pictures. What do you plan in doing as they grow? I find that I have probably bought more trees than I can accommodate but I refuse to part with them... Actually I find myself buying more if I see a must have one.
I had never seen the yellow jaboticaba, the leaves are so different!

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ohiojay(z6 OH)

Very nice Jacob. I like the jabs. Looks like you will be needing a bigger greenhouse!

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marinfla(10 South Florida)

Jacob, I am completely impressed with that diverse collection, just amazing. Your love for your 'children' shows.
Great work. Thanks for taking the time to put up your pics.

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Wow Jacob,
what a lush paradise you've created. It'll be nice to watch them grow.


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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Amazing Jacob! You have quite a collection...truly wonderful pictures. Thanks for sharing. Great job growing everything.

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boson(Delray Beach,Florida)

Hello Jacob,

Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed looking at all your plants.


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Beautiful as always.


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newgen(9 Central California)

Awesome collection!!!
I'm looking to get Barbados cherry and Jamaican cherry. Where did you get them from?


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agility_mom(z9 AZ)

Amazing! Thank you for posting this. We are in the process of building various garden structures and I had planned on a greenhouse but was questioning if it would be worth it. After seeing your plants, I am convinced that I should give it a shot. There are so many things that I want to grow that would as you say "push the limit". Now if I can just figure how to grow things in pots successfully. My test subject right now is a Timotayo Mango. So far so good.

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hmhausman(FL 10B)


Really a very nice collection. Lots of great cultivars and interesting collectables. You are definitely closing in on me. My only constructive criticism is to dump the Arkin Carambola and get a different/better variety. Arkin is the commercial cultivar....it ships well, has a good shelf life but is inferior to many of the others. I highly recommend Kari, Sri Kembangan or Bell.


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Hello Friends,

Thanks for all the nice things you had to say. I will post some more pictures of the rest of my stuff in the next few days.

mfajar: Thanks so Much, I definietly have more plants than I have room, I just can't stop and am going to have problems this Fall and Winter when thing have to go back into the Greenhouse.

ohiojay: Thank you my Friend, I don't think they have a Greenhouse big enough for my needs.

marinfla: Thank you so much for the compliments, the kids love being outside with me and helping me plant and water, and occasionally eating!

Ethan: Thank you my Cali Brother. It's definitely been a labor of love. Hopefully it will warm up and things will start to really take off before our eyes.

puglvr1: Thanks for the compliments, I really appreciate them.

Tomas: Hey Tomas, did you see that the Achachairu plants are doing just great. They really didn't experience any shock and are really perking up. They areally like the Greenhouse and the Humididty I give them. Thank you so much for the Plants!

Amr: Thank you my Friend

agility_mom: Thanks so Much! As for the Greenhouse, always choose the biggest size possible, then go bigger. You will see that whatever size you choose, it will never be big enough for our addiction. I grow 99% of my stuff in containers and there is definietly an art to it, but once you get the hang of it, container growing is very much possible.

newgen: Thank you, I got the Barbados Cherry and Jamaican Cherry from Mickey at Plantogram.

Harry: Hey Harry, thanks for the compliments,......from the God of Fruits mouth to my ears. Nice to hear more about the Starfruit as I know almost nothing, I always appreciate your advice. I received the Starfruit tree from a Friend. I was just happy to get a nice size tree to begin with. It is a Seedling of an Arkin, so maybe it will come out slightly different and better, is that possible? I think I would like to get a Sri Kembangan in the near future if I can find one.

Thank you all for everything Nice you had to say, I will be posting more pictures of the rest of my stuff in the next few days.

- Jacob

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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

....my lord Jacob - you definitely got the "thumb" thing going on! Boy are you hooked! Insatiable even...lol....so many varieties of things......I mean if there was ever someone who should be living in the tropics somewhere it would be you.....

but everything looks so healthy and very willing to put out for you. Too bad you couldn't cover the whole back yard with a retractable covering which would allow you to plant in the ground, many of your things......

If nothing else, you could give classes on container growing and greenhouse culture.....

good luck, amigo, as the warmer weather starts to blow forth (we're 110 today in PS!) If you ever get the itch to come out to the desert, look me up...and if you come in August some time, I'm sure I'll have some Manilas falling off the tree!


PS - in fact here's a couple young hummingbirds in the old Mango tree!)

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hi Jacob.

great collection. I got some guanabana seeds and some other stuff from the yucatan if you are interested.email me.


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Hello Again Friends,

Hey Gary, I don't think anyone has captured my addiction and sickness as well as you have. You are so right my friend, I would love to be living in the Tropics somewhere and I am trying in earnest to get my backyard to resemble it.

Hmmm.......Retractable Backyard cover.....hmmm, it's not out of the realm of possibilities, lol. Thanks for the compliments and the invitation. I will definitely look you up if I am ever in the area as I believe we are Family. The hummingbirds are adorable by the way.

Hey Joe - I would love to get come Guanabana Seeds. Did you see anything I have that you were interested in. I just planted some Pindaiba seeds and will hopefully get a bunch of them to Germinate if you are interested?

Here are some more pictures of some stuff I didn't post last time.

Here are some Dragon Fruit Flowers, an Unknown Variety and Physical Grafitti

Purple Caimito/Starapple - The top got defoliated in some extreme heat but will hopefully bounce back.

'White Genoa' Fig with Figs

'Violette de Bordeaux' Fig tree - In cage to protect from Birds

'Fino de Jete' Cherimoya Seedling

Atemoya Seedlings - Anyone interested in one? You still have 1 coming if you still want it Andrew.


Pindaiba Seedlings

'Fairchild' Ilama seedlings (3)

Pedalai - Pushing New Growth

Bacupari - Also pushing new growth

'San Pablo' Custard Apple - Pushing new growth after defoliation from a Scorching


Abiurana - Very Rare Abiu relative

Hope you liked.

- Jacob

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very nice plants.

great looking dragonfruits. do you move them into the greenhouse?

my cuttings from last year are starting to get big. still deciding if i should plant them i a pot or plant them directly in ground. they survived this winter's hard freezes over here.

    Bookmark   June 15, 2011 at 5:55AM
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Hi Jacob,

thanks for the offer, i'll send you a whole bunch of seeds, all of them are a week old, and if you get extra ones to germitate i'll take one of those. I've tried to germinate some seeds last year, from the Yucatan, but they ended up dying perhaps you'll have better luck in your GH.


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newgen(9 Central California)


How long have you had the caimito? I just bought one about a couple months ago, still in the nursery pot. I'm hesitant to plant it in ground, so maybe I'll just up-pot it for now. Did you have to bring it inside your greenhouse?


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I have had the Caimito about 1.5 years. The picture is a little deceiving. It is about 6 feet tall. but the leaves at the top got scorched and cefoliated one day I left it cloed up in the greenhouse. I will post a couple of pictures of it before that happened. I definitely had to bring it inside during the winter.

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eyeckr(z8a VA)

Thanks for the tour Jacob. I love the fig 'jail'. The birds are terrible here too. I think poha is an underrated fruit. I wish mine looked a good as yours. Your cabelluda looks awesome too.

Your plants look great and that's one heck of a collection. I was wondering what plant/plants started your desire to start collecting? I know that your triangle palm isn't a fruiting plant but growing it to that size must have taken some time. Was that your first tree or maybe the strawberry guava?

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Hey G,

It's good to hear from you my Friend. I hope all is well with you. I have to almost beat the birds back off of the Figs. I definitely agree with you on the Poha berry and Thanks again for the Cabelluda, it is growing very nicely and is really healthy.

As for the fruit tree that set off my Collecting, I would have to say was Dragon Fruit. I accidentally stumbled upon Pine Island Nursery's Dragon Fruit Variety Viewer and was so totally amazed and intrigued by the looks of the fruit, that I kept returning to the website to constantly look over the fruit that I eventually began to explore the rest of the Website. I eventually stumbled upon the Variety Viewer for Lychees and that is basically all she wrote.

And Yes, the Strawberry Guava is the oldest fruit tree thatI have at about 10 years old. It was actually about 10 feet tall at one point but I cut it back drastically about 2 years ago.

As for the Triangle Palm, it is somewhat of a spectacle and Freak of Nature. The tree is about 6 years old and is growing so incredibly fast that nobody believes that it is as young as I tell them it is. It is always in a constant growth flush and 1 of the nicest specimen Triangle Palms I have ever come across. It is definitely one of my favorites and I am very proud of the tree. I have another that is the same age and is only about 1 foot tall...go figure?

    Bookmark   June 17, 2011 at 6:08AM
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eyeckr(z8a VA)

I have to agree that the Pine Island Nursery website is terrible for those who have PCD (Plant Collector Disorder). You may just be interested in a plant or two but then after ordering them you can't help but want to order more. That very site and all of its pictures/viewers is also what fueled my interest also.

Strawberry guavas are juggernauts and just keep growing no matter what you throw their way. Luckily my family and I like the fruit.

Your Triangle palm is an exceptional specimen. You've done a great job with it. I wonder why your other one is just a foot tall? Like you said though maybe its just that your larger one is a freak of nature.

    Bookmark   June 22, 2011 at 4:24PM
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