How many fruit you get from yr container fruit tree?

James-hoonJune 7, 2011

To all who plant any tropical fruits such as mangos, lychee, avacado, guava and etc in container. How many fruit do you get from yr container fruit tree each season? Please stat years and how big of your container you may include pictures to show off your trees as well.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

I only have two mango trees in containers.

Glenn mango...I bought it Fall of 2007. Didn't hold fruits till the summer of 2009(8?). Didn't bloom in 2010 freeze issues. This year's picture around 6-7.

Pickering mango...this is the second year this tree fruited for me. I got it in Feb. 2010. It fruited 3 last year and 3 this year. Very small tree.

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boson(Delray Beach,Florida)


Here is my strawberry guava plant growing in a pot. It's pretty scrawny as you can see. I have just neglected it for too long - should have been repotted in larger container many years ago. So now I have a dwarfy strawberry guava tree, fruiting for the first time.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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my guava is flowering for first time, can u guys identify what variety it belongs.


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I bought this Ruby Supreme Guava tree on 8/08/2012 and planted it in a container measuring 15" high and 18" in diameter. To be honest, I have no idea what I'm doing, I just figured I'd plant it, water it and keep my fingers crossed.

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I took this picture today, almost four months later. So far, so good.

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Anyone know how long it should take to bear fruit?


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Next year

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Hello Folks:
The amount of fruit that one can expect from a container fruit tree varies greatly on a wide range of factors. However, there are definitely some trees that are better suited for container growing than others. Here are my experiences:

1. Makok sapodilla: This is the king of my containerized bunch. It currently has over 200 fruits that will weigh around 3 ounces each, that is (3*200)/16=37.5 lbs of fruit in a 30 gallon pot. I have not taken an official count yet, but it already produced a boat load last year in a 12 gallon pot.

2. Seedling Limequat: For sure a good producer (most citrus are). My tree is in a 12 gallon pot and I've picked around 150 full size limes this year and it probably still has around 50 or so. I have not taken an official count of the Limes, but I'll probably do it next year, although is hard because this tree flowers and matures fruits throughout the year.

3. Barbados Cherries: I have two of these fruit trees and I love them. My Florida Sweet (12 gallon pot) fruited around eight times (from April to November) probably totaling 400 fruits or so. Definitely all of the vitamin C you could ever need for the year!

4. Seedling Toledo Mango: This guy is in an 18 gallon pot and he produced 27 mangos (variety very small, around three or four ounces per fruit). The tree is very large for the pot, but it has not massively flowered yet. The most it has had is five flower spikes. I'm hoping for a nice production this spring, maybe more like 100 mangos or so.

5. Pineapples: All a pineapple plant needs is a 5 gallon pot, lots of sun, some water and good fertilization and it will produce just as well as if it was in the ground. I have some potted pineapple plants sprinkled around the yard and they fruit every year with minimal care. You just have to make sure that they don't freeze in the winter and they stay growing constantly during the summer, you will get fruit. Considering the amount of care, the size of the plant, and how easy it is to get the planting material, pineapples probably give you the most fruit per quantity of effort/cost.

6. Tamarind, Avocado, Surinam cherry, no fruit yet, but some may come in the future. The tamarind had one fruit this year, but dropped it about two months ago. Bananas are too large and vigorous to properly fruit in containers that are manageable by a single person.

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