Lychee humidity requirments

amrkhalidoJune 22, 2011

Lychee, longan, Jackfruit.

Why these guys were the first to die throught.

Will they stand dry and hot weather like that of Arizona?

They seem to be so hard to plant unlike sapodilla or star fruit !

Is there specific varities to withstand dry weather than others ?

Would appreciate a lot your help on that .


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Longan do very well here in PHX. Lychee grow but need a little more humidity to fruit often. Jackfruit has problems with our winter.

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Thanks, but wat varieties of lychee did u try ,, and longan ,,
And jackfruit is more cold sensitive than lychee and longan ?
What cold is it in PHX in the winter ?
And did u manage to grow a lychee tree and have it fruit ,,, or the problems occurs to the plant even without fruiting ?

Thanks and sorry for asking too much ,, :D


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any longan and sapodilla cultivar do well with hot and dry climate (as far as i know)!

there are two litchi types: low-land and mountain. lowland litchi cultivars (kaimana, mauritius..) can stand heat and low humidity, but performance is not excellent. but that kind of plant needs in such an environment first an acclimatation period (shade)!

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Thats sucks !!

And do you know other varieties than brewster and kaimana that can do well ,,, what about groff or ohia or hak ip ,,


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