Dragon Fruit Flowering

jacob13June 21, 2011

Hello Frieds,

I recently and surprisingly came across 1 of my Dragon Fruit plants that is flowering. The Variety/Cultivar is "Zamarano". The really interesting part is that the Dragon Fruit plant is a fairly new cutting that is only about 12" inches tall. I always thought that the plant needed to be a certain size for it to flower.

I always assumed that the picture we have all seen of the small potted Dragon Fruit plants, that are all loaded with Fruit, at some Vietnamese outdoor market were either photo-shopped or recently cut from larger plants and potted together as a Novelty.

What do you think?

- Jacob

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Nice! That gives me hope that the cultivars I have will flower soon.

The common theory is that dragonfruit require around 10 lbs of mass before flowering.

Perhaps, this variety is known to be low-bearing?

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Hey Rodney,

That has always been my understanding too, that it needs to be around 10 lbs in mass before flowering. Pretty interesting though!

- Jacob

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Regarding flowering and fruiting " no rules apply "
At least as i think ,,
And nice plants as always jacob ,,


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How long have you had it? My first instinct is stored energy from being on a larger plant. Maybe it just likes your place? Hopefully it'll hold, Zamorano is a pretty and tasty cv.

good luck,

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Hey Ethan,

I planted the cutting about 8-9 months ago. The interesting thing is that about 1.5 months ago, I knocked that particular pot over accidentally and that cutting came falling out of the pot as it had barely started to root. The roots were maybe barley 1/8" inch long and almost non-existant. So, the fact that it was barely rooting about 1.5 months ago, to it now flowering, is pretty amazing, although I most say it is now thoroughly rooted, it is still amazing. And, it is in the Greenhouse, so maybe the extra heat and humidity has helped it along.

- Jacob

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