new to tropical - in canada!

theman7676June 29, 2011

hey all,

i will greatly appreciate if someone please can provide some general information for me

i live in ontario where it gets cold during winters. i guess that means i will need to grow whatever it is i get in pots that can be brought into a close cold space in the winter (garage)

can you grow mango's, avocado, or other exciting fruits in pots in canada? in pots?

do we have a large / long summer season up here to enjoy the fruits?

can any fun fruit tree start from a cuttings or do i need to buy larger trees from nurseries?

thank you so much for all the help....not sure this will be possible at all for me or even worth while...


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I'm in Ontario also and suffer from the same affliction... wanting to grow exotic fruits that really can't grow here lol.

I have a variety of potted plants from seed including Avocado, Mango, Coffee, Coconut palm, Date Palm, Kiwi, Pineapple (top rooted), Meyers Lemon and common lemon, Key lime, Kumquat, Honey mandarin plus a few other citrus varieties, Lychee, Longan and Mangosteen.

The only fruit I currently am getting is from my Pineapple.

I think unless you have a very large heated greenhouse with additional lighting for the shorter winter days you will have troubles producing many tropical fruits. I really do it just for fun and some of the plants make attractive house plants and interesting conversation. Some of the citrus like key lime and meyers lemon I've read can fruit in pots but mine are just seedlings right now so we'll see. I would start with a trip to the produce department of your local grocery store or better yet asian market if you have one near you. Lots of things to grow from seed starting in those places.


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thank you tyler....that is what i was thinking ....
best of luck to you and enjoy

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