2009 Roll Call - Who's out there?

misskimmie(z4b Central NY)January 2, 2009

Happy New Year to all.

It's been awhile since we had a roll call. Who are you and where is your garden?

I'm Kim from near Utica. I wintersow, have a large veggie garden, a butterly/hummer garden, a pond and a rose garden, I like herbs, fragrant plants and natives. Hobbies and interests include baking bread, local history, kayaking, photography, and hiking in the Adirondacks. I am happily married and have 4 children. If you're ever in the area, drop me a line and I give you a tour of my garden (p.s. I like to share plants)


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I'm Betty and I live in Huntersland, Schoharie County. I grow over 300 herbs, but also grow veggies and flowers. Our gardens have been featured in a couple newspapers and a regional magazine. As Kim offers, if you are in the area and would like to tour the gardens, let me know and we will arrange something. Happy New Year and a bountiful harvest to all.

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Hi, I'm Diane, and I'm in St. Lawrence County. I have a small garden and a couple of flower beds, and I like to do winter sowing.

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Hi! I'm Becky. I live just south of Syracuse. I love vegetable gardening. I usually put in some herbs and flowers too. I'm married and have two doggies. I also love to bake. I grew up just north of Utica (Marcy / Deerfield), Kim!

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misskimmie(z4b Central NY)

I'm in New York Mills. Moved back to the home that I grew up in. Do you ever get back for a visit ?

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jwstell42(5 NY)

Hey - Jeff here, and I'm located about 20 miles outside of Albany.

I have a veggie garden, which I recently changed from traditional small plot, to 11 raised beds total :)

I jumped the gun and already ordered a TON of seeds for this year - I have the itch!

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disneynut1977(5b, Sunset zone 42)

Melissa from Syracuse. I've been working on my garden's 2 years now.


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Kim, my Mom still lives in the house I grew up in. I visit her a weekend a month. We're fond of the Chowder House. We also go to Hapanwicz Grocer sometimes.

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Wendy,from just outside of starkville,I have 6 children and 2 granddaughters and 1 grandson.I'm going to give wintersowing a try this year so any advice would be great!!!

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misskimmie(z4b Central NY)

Becky, I live on Main St in the Mills.

Hello Jeff. Will you Wintersow some of those seeds? I WSed and got a head start on some things.

Wendy, I made a big WS mistake last year. I used a sharpie to label my containers... the info faded so I didn't know what I was planting. : ) Just jump in and don't hesitate to ask your questions,

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jwstell42(5 NY)

I've never really looked into Wintersowing - I really should.

I had planned on getting a light set up in the basement to get a head start on some of the longer season stuff (Tomatoe's, Peppers, Eggplant etc...).

I suppose I'll take a gander and see what all this wintersowing is about :)

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klavier(Z7 Baltimore)

I am Werner Stiegler
I direct the Binghamton Memorial Tree Program

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hilomark(z5 NY)


I'm Lois from Homer, south of Syracuse.

I have a small village yard, 80 x 100 ft. I have 3-4x8 raised beds where I raise quite a few vegetables intensively. I have also located a local community garden, and will be tending a plot there for everything that takes up too much room (such as pumpkins) for my little raised beds. I love flower gardening, tending toward a "cottage-y" theme, and all borders and the house foundation are planted with a jumbled mix.

I have had sucess with winter sowing, but have less success getting things planted out! The busiest time for planting is when I am also busiest at the end of the school year! I always start tons of tomatoes and peppers inside, which I raise as a fundraiser for "Relay for Life" and then sell at work.

I have a grown son, who lives in Syracuse, and share my home with a 12-year-old husky mix, Bonny, who is finally learning how to stay out of the flower beds (with the help of low wire fencing around everything!

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Hi, I'm Celia in Buffalo. Because I rent, I've been growing herbs, veg, and flowers in containers. I'm also interested in medicinal plants.

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I live about 10-15 miles away from you!

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Hello Everyone,
I haven't stopped by this forum in awhile. I try to remember! Humm, about me...I live between Buffalo and Niagara Falls. I'm a plantaholic. I do a lot of wintersowing. I have a cottage garden. I'm always jamming plants in any open spot. I grow a lot of roses(some pics are on My Page.) I also grow a lot of veggies. I host the Buffalo-Niagara Tomato Tastefest on Grand Island every year.
Nice to meet everyone,

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disneynut1977(5b, Sunset zone 42)

Hi Remy, I didn't know you hosted the tomfest. If I drove, I'd show up each year.

OT- Let me know if you get any rooted cutting of your roses the end of summer. I may have some perennials to trade.


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krazyaroider(Hamburg, NY 14075 Zone 6)

I am Gerry, from Hamburg.
I grow many species of Asian Jack in the Pulpits,various hardy Aroids,rare and unusual woodland perennials. I am trialing hardy cultivars of Southern Magnolia - this recent cold spell is a good test!
I also grow many species of trees that are hardy in my location, but normally found in other areas of tha USA or the world!

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I'm Carol from the Binghamton area.
I'm trying WS for the first time this year and I'm hoping to get a potage type garden going this year out in the back part of the yard.

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Hi everyone - I am Karen & I live near Batavia - I have a veggie garden, hostas, flower gardens & various shrubs & trees.

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Greetings. I'm Doreen and I live in Childwold (Adirondacks). I have 2 daughters and a grandson. I mainly have flowers - probably 150 different daylilies as well as other perennials that grow in zone 3. I am planning a large veggie garden this year. I wintersowed for the first time last winter and it was amazing! I just retired from teaching this fall and look forward to more time for gardening, sewing quilts, knitting and baking. Kim, have you tried "Artisan Bread in Five Minutes A Day"?

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Hello from Phyl(lis) in Baldwinsville, just a bit northwest of Syracuse. Gary and I grow roses, lilies, some siberian and spuria iris, perennials & some annuals that I start from seed. I started a small seasonal business called JoyGiver Bouquets...and sell bouquets to friends & co-workers for parties & gifts. I love doing it, as it gives me a reason to create bouquets and also a little bit of gas money! :0) Phyl

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gottagarden(z5 western NY)

Hi everyone, I'm Brenda and I live near Batavia. ( Hi neighbor Karen! ) Like Remy I am a plantaholic, and have too much. I love perennials, trees, stone, etc.

I usually am found on the cottage garden forum or the perennials forum. I lurk on other forums.

Every year I go to the local gardenweb plant swap in June, hosted by Tara and give and get great plants.

Here is a link to my photo albums.

Here is a link that might be useful: gottagardens photo albums

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tracywag(Z5 NY)

I'm Tracy, in Binghamton. I haven't stopped by here in a long time. I live on a city lot, but am a country girl. Every year hubby has less lawn to mow and more beds to mulch. I'm also creating a woodland garden for my parents in memory of my brother.

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Hello all! I'm about 25 miles north of Syracuse. I'm mostly into perennial gardening and love dianthus, daylilies, daisies, salvia... lots of things. But, as you can tell from my username, roses aren't at the top of my wish list. lol

Happy gardening.


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green_panther(Upstate NY)

Hi! I'm near Lake Ontario, North of Syracuse in Sterling NY. I love perennials and always overdo it. My gardens are constantly changing and growing!

I have a dog and two cats, and a wonderful hubby. I love to bake too.

You can see pictures of my garden here.
2008 Garden

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Hi, I'm Laura i have gardens all over my 1/2 acre yard.
been gardening for 15yrs
married to my high school sweetheart have 5 wonderful children.
gardening is my therapy.
Just joined yesterday.
ws sounds so awesome. never heard of it befor looking foward to giving it a go.

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Nice pics Mindy. Love that Danish flag poppy! I've read that evening primrose can get out of hand. Has it behaved for you?

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green_panther(Upstate NY)

From 2008 Garden

The above evening primrose is doing "OK"... but I won't know for sure until spring. I'm kinda worried 'cause hubby had to dig up our water line yesterday and it was right in the middle of that bed. I'm trying not to think of what plants and bulbs might have been massacred. (I knew the line was there when I planted, and knew the risks!)

The ones getting out of hand are the Sundrops (same family) and the Gooseneck Loostrife pictured below.
From 2008 Garden From 2008 Garden

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genoprizebull(6 Akron NY)

I'm Gene and live in Akron which is between Buffalo and Batavia.We have 4 kids,2 horses,2 sheep,cows and pigs that come and go and a pile of manure that is free to anyone.
We have 5 acres of hay and about an acre that I want to change back into habitat for deer and other wildlife.I've put some red oak and pine tres so far and am looking for any suggestions.I'd love to help anybody that has a deer problem as hunting is another hobby of mine.My garden has a lot of native plants (weeds)but has enough vegetable and flowers to justify having one.I really enjoy gardening and am trying wintersowing this year.Garlic and tomatoes are my favs if I had to pick,but I've tried and enjoyed just about everything.

Doreen I also love baking bread and would love to try your 'bread in 5 minutes'

Gerry Maybe I could stop by someday and check your garden out,sounds really interesting

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Hi, I'm Chris from just north of Syracuse. For the past three years I've worked on my backyard in the hopes that someday it will resemble a tropical paradise. This winter I've been adding gardening content to my website. Hopefully, the information provided on my website will help others in the area start their own little tropical garden.

Here is a link that might be useful: My website which has photos of my garden

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Hi I am Dawn from the Elmira area. I have been working in my garden for 23 years. Every year it expands. I am lucky to have a double lot so that means more fun for me! I am WS'ing this year and am very excited to get started.

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gottagarden(z5 western NY)

Chris you have an amazing website on Syracuse. Maybe I will encourage my niece to go there, it looks like such a nice place.

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gottagarden, thank you for the compliment!

About Syracuse. I love the area, but just like Buffalo and Rochester many neighborhoods inside the city limits could use revitalization / beautification. Most suburbs of Syracuse are great though!

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hello new yorkers, I just moved to Austin tx two years ago , I lived in Lafayette south of Syracuse for 28 years, the weather just right in 70 , we start garding in January , I did not miss Syracuse weather at all,

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Hi to all! Jo from South Buffalo here! I'm a winter sower, have small veggie plot, 3 compost bins, I order from Bluestone and even visited them once. Although I promised myself I wouldn't order/ purchase any more seeds for 2009, I have already broken my promise... I have (well, they were there yesterday) 3 snowdrops blooming in my city garden. This is the earliest ever. I danced in the mud anyway!

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adina72(z5 CNY)

Hi, I'm Dottie aka Adina on all the message boards. I live just north of Syracuse in Oswego County.

I wintersow also and love growing daylilies, clematis, bearded iris and hosta to name a few.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Website

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Hello everyone
This is my first official post after reading this forum for a year.
I live in Tonawanda, NY- Just outside of Buffalo.
I love to garden and have I slowly taken over my backyard, bed by bed.
Just returned from a spending spree at Lowes where I bought Dahlias, Caladium,
and 210 mixed bulbs. I am sure I bought way too many, but I can't help myself.
I guess I will be building another bed or two this Spring!
I already have zinnia, black eyed susan vines, passion flowers, million bells and my favorites- purple horn of plenty seeds started in the basement. My stored geraniums, begonias and dahlia bulbs will be replanted in pots soon in the basement.
Doing all these things make the planting season last much longer in our cold climate.
Lovethesun Lynn

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garden_frog(Z6 Western NY)

Hi everyone! I'm Tara. I've been a garden web member for about 8 years now but unfortunately I don't get on here as much as I used to.

I also host the WNY plant swap every year at my home. If anyone is interested in attending...there is a post about this years swap on the exchange page.

I just love the pictures of everyone's gardens! Beautiful!

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Hi everyone! I'm Holly from Binghamton and Caledonia (near Rochester.) I grew up here in Binghamton with my mom and my dad lives in Caledonia with my step mom and step sisters. I go back and forth but mostly stay with my mom. I like to grow pretty much anything. I am helping my grandad put in some new beds at his house and get the old ones cleaned up. (he hasn't touched them since grandma died) I love the veggie garden my mom let me put in our backyard, she might let me get another one this year if I can figure out how to get water to it. : ) Veggies, vines and smelly flowers are what I like to grow.
: )

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Hi, I'm Pam from South Wales, NY outside of Buffalo. I have a small farm, with 3 adorable miniature donkeys and a part times daylily nursery. I have over 400 daylily cultivars plus a bunch of seedlings I hybridized that I am evaluating.

I start my dayliliy seeds in the basement, need to do that this weekend ... I have 2 silly dogs, and too many cats to speak of. I work at a bank for my full time career, but daylilies are my passion.

I am turning an old horse pasture into my own arboretuem, can't wait til some of the trees really start to grow. I grow all kinds of other plants and plan on putting a road side stand out this year to sell off some of the perennials that like to take over.

I'm a member of the Buffalo Area Daylily Society, and have the greenhouse on my property that belongs to the daylily society and hosta society.

I used to check in here more ....

Here is a link that might be useful: Pictures of Farm flowers and animals

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Hi, everyone, I live in oneida and am just crazy over gardening!!! I just recently returned back to the area after traveling and living in apartments and am eager for the snow to be gone!! I would love to know about any garden clubs in the area. I would love to start a garden club possibly. I plan on starting a whole bunch of seeds soon. I have great grow lights so I will have stuff to trade. Anyone have anything they want to trade?

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Hi all,

I'm Janet from the Utica area. I usually just lurk, but thought I'd jump in and say hello. I'm one of those gardeners who see a plant they like and buy it and then figure out where to put it. I know, shame on me, but I can't help it!

I am also a volunteer with the Oneida Co. Master Gardener program and have made many friends (as well as received lots of cuttings and plants from working with said gardeners) as a result of signing up with the MG's.

My main interest is in growing and using herbs, but I like to have a variety of flowering plants and shrubs around.

The only vegetable I've attempted to grow is the tomato- cherry tomato in fact. I wasn't a big fan of them until I tasted one fresh from my neighbor's garden and found the flavor to be so amazing that I try to grow a couple of plants each year now. My DH doesn't like them so I only grow a few or else I'd be overrun with them and have to toss too many into the compost heap

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Hello, everyone!

I live in Hannibal, up near Oswego. I see a few of you are neighbors.

I've been gardening for 18 years, and have recently started an internet business selling beardless irises. Irises are my favorite plants, but I grow many other perennials, trees, and shrubs. Ornamental grasses are another favorite.

Nice to hear about all of you.

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Paul from Elmira. I have a small, windswept lot with a sprawling house, so not much planting space, lots of (irritating) shrubs, and perennial beds that were started 50+ years ago but not maintained much in recent times.

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Hi! I live between Keuka and Canandaigua lakes. Hubby and I are retired and we enjoy our 5 acres. We do a lot of shade gardening, flower gardening, veggies, and gardening for wildlife. We have been expanding our gardens since 96 when we moved into our retirement home. We have a third acre pond in back of the house.


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You must live near Jud's Stone House Nursery which is just outside of Keuka I think, off of 54A. A friend took me there a few years ago and I was really impressed with it. It's really too far for me to go now that I don't live near Canandaigua anymore, but I still remember how impressed I was with it.

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Hi All!

My name is John & I live in New Hartford (Oneida County). I'm 49 & began gardening in 2004 as a tribute to my late mom. I have nearly 700 sq ft of gardening space: 3 traditional plots (7' x 14', 9'x14' & 13' x 20') and 11 (count 'em) raised beds ( 6, 3' x 3' black plastic from Gardener's Supply, 2, 6' x 4' x 11" cedar & 3, 8' x 4' x 11" cedar--the cedar raised beds having been purchased from Natural Yards). My soil is clay & each traditional plot arrived in its current state via different routes. The most elbow grease went into my "big plot" where I spent hundreds of hours over a few years amending the clay soild (as opposed to removing it, either partially or completely, which I did with the other plots) with all the usual suspects. Despite the hard work (more accurately: because of it), I derived the most satisfaction from my efforts in the "big plot". Anyhow, I have enjoyed growing heirloom tomatoes, onions, eggplants, peppers, squash (mostly winter), cucs, okra, pumpkins, kohlrabi, celeriac, leeks, beets, lettuce, pop corn, radishes & carrots all with varying degrees of success. I especially enjoyed growing some of my winter squash vertically, including biggies like Chicago Warted Hubbard! I enjoy raising heirloom vegetables; I ordered a bunch of heirloom tomatoes from Victory Seeds & Baker's Creek is another vendor which offers many ancient varieties.This year, I'm going to try fennell & garlic. Just placed some orders yesterday. Happy gardening everyone!!

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Julia NY(6)

HI,I just found this forum and wow, so glad to meet other fellow upstaters.I'm a regular on several other forums but never found this one. So glad I did today.
I'm Julia and we live between Geneva and Watkins Glen (Seneca Lake area). We have over 60 acres but only maintain about 5 acres. Too much to handle.
My passion is flowers but I do a small vegetable garden as well. Love daylilies so last year I decided to get rid of alot of the lawn area around the house (still working on it) and put in flower beds. I'd rather spend money on plants than gas for the mower and tractor. :-).

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Hello eveyone I'm Tammy.Here I am misskimmie! I will give this a shot for advice . I hear from good sources and also from other places on the web, this is the best place to learn about gardening. I also have a secret weapon. (right Kim)I consider my self a novice gardener. I am looking to find what will grow here in Camden on the edge of the Tug Hill Plateau. Spring comes 2 weeks later than everywhere else. I still have at least a foot of snow on the ground. I need all the advice and what ever else you can share.

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I'm Denise from Syracuse.
I've only been at this for about four years and and seriously addicted.

Last week when it got to (almost) 50 degrees I took my first walk through the gardens to prepare for spring. I think the cabin fever is worse because of it.

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Tammy: I think you could still grow all the "usual suspects". You may wish to start winter squash & cucumbers inside, however. Be sure to harden them off before transplanting into the garden. Even if you get a few early frosts (mid to late Sept.), you can protect any slow-to-mature veggies (winter squash) by putting a blanket over them. Remember too, there are cold-hardy vegetables (radishes, scallions, carrots to name a few) which can be started early. Good luck! John in New Hartford

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Thanks John :)I am starting some seeds today. I hope I can find enough containers! I can get more but Im in the mode now. I took a walk to the garden and sunk in the snow past my knees in spots. I hate this time of year, I get so itchy to be out in the garden

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jannie(z7 LI NY)

I live in Long island now, but my Mom is in Clarence. Every May I visit her for her birthday/Mothers Day.

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Hi I'm Caroline from Binghamton. I enjoy gardening but have a small city lot that doesn't get a lot of sun.

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I'm down in Orange County on my new pied-a-terre bit of paradise. I have gardened in the past but the mess out back is not my fault (this time) as it was abandoned years ago. I know this board is more for further upstate folk but I hope it is OK that I chimed in. I'm up in Speculator/Lake Pleasant several times a year and I just love it up there.

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paradisa(Zone 5 NY Adirondacks)

Hello! I'm Lorraine, I live in Broadalbin.
I have lots of flower beds- all from boughten plants and Have three vege gardens. I have only been a gw member for a little over a month. I am trying winter sowing- excited and scared- my family thinks I'm nuts. Would love to grow perennials and hardy annuals from seed.
I live on 2 1/2 acres with 2 ponds. We have ducks, geese, peacocks and 7 deer that are down by the ponds now. Hey genoprizebull maybee we could work out some kind of a Deer/ Plant swap??? LOL We also own 88 more acres behind us. I have a 50 foot long bank I want to fill with perennials and hardy annuals this year.
We have four children and I love to cook, bake and can.

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scbnymph2009(z4 / 5 Upstate NY)

Hello All!

I'm Claire from Clifton Park (between Albany & Saratoga Springs).

Since we moved in to our small townhome, I mainly concentrated on getting some structure going in our very small back garden. Mostly native plantings with a few non-invasive exotics mixed in.

This will be my first year trying a heavy planting of vegetables and herbs, mostly in pots for lack of space. Plan is to eventually develop the small hill out back into a terraced Square Foot / Potager vegetable garden.

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Hi! My name is Tammy and live 2 miles outside of the Syracuse city limits. I have 3 teenage kids,a dog, and one on the way (a puppy). He/She should arrive in the summer. I usually WS but didn't this year for economy reasons and am just kicking myself everyday.Now I'm looking all over the web for reasonably priced annuals.

Just jointed GW yesterday and am greatful for all of you. We all seem to share the same pains (I'm not an alien after all!) Looking forward to future conversations.

I have alot of work to do around this property and will probably take 15 years and will be asking lots of questions-i'm sure of it.

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if you're talking about this kind of WS, you still have lots and lots of time to do annuals.

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I just joined garden web 20 minutes ago, after spending 3 hours reading navigating the site. How EXCITING! My husband and I are nuts about gardening. We have have a large veggies garden and several perennial flower gardens.
Can't wait to see what my fellow-gardeners from Upstate NY are planting this season. We have seeds and plants to share.
Oh, We live 20 miles south west of Rochester.

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greenjay(Zone 6)

Greetings ! I just moved to Cheektowaga, NY this past October , after being gone from the WNY area for over 20 years . Bought a nice little fixer-upper here . The yard has been totally neglected by the previous owners, so i have a nice clean slate to work with , and a LOT of work to do !
Love growing all sorts of veggies, herbs, big gourds, and LOTS of flowers .
Afraid things may not look like much this year, but I have high hopes for next year !
Just busy now , planning gardens, trying to get a few things sowed, and getting ready to start digging up new beds !
Hope to hear from some of you !

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I live in Little Falls, about half way between Albany and Syracuse. We moved into a smaller house with a larger back yard about 5 years ago.
I have been planting roses, and perennial flowers for 4 years. Each year I expand my vege garden a bit. This year I am going to build a 4' x 8' raised bed for my winter squash and cuc's.

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jennoz(Rochester NY)

I live in Chili, one of the western suburbs of Rochester, with my husband, my two daughters (2 years and 5 months) a hugemungo dog and 2 cats, on about a half acre sandpit that we moved into just last spring. I have dabbled in gardening for about 4 years now and only got really serious last year because we finally own our own home and I was always hesistant to put the effort and money into a rental property.

I generally dont like to grow something unless I can eat it, but my husband has just started to get interested in gardening too and he likes flowers and ornamentals, so I am learning to compromise!
I have a disgustingly huge collection of vegetable and herb seeds and I also seed save, so if your looking for anything let me know I may have a few to spare.

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Hi Everybody-
I'm Lisa from Rochester. I grew up in Syracuse, moved to N.C. for about 10 years (hated the weather) and moved back "home" in 2005. My family is scattered between Syracuse and Rochester (Ithaca, Penn Yan, etc) so I'm quite familiar with the back roads of the Finger Lakes! I have a vegetable garden and flower gardens. I have been starting plants from seed for about 8 years and I'm trying Winter Sowing for the first time this year! I have a lot of Heirloom tomato seeds if anyone has a need...I like to collect seeds and start roses from cuttings. I document my gardening triumphs and failures here:

Here is a link that might be useful: A Potter's Garden

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Hi all, Guy from Narrowsburg on the Deleware. New to this forum.
Grew up on Long Island and have finally gotten used to the short growing season up here. I love the area and the 2.3 acres we live in, but... the gardening ain't what it used to be on Long Island. I am having to re-learn everything that I thought I knew!
Memorial day weekend to plant my tomatoes. Yikes!
My first year here, I got them in the ground at the end of March, the middle of April, the end of April, the beginning of May and the middle of May...
Said "the heck with it" for the rest of that year and got them from the farmers market! Frost in May! Who knew? LOL!
Learned a lot since that first year, but there is always more to learn. Look forward to reading the forums and sharing ideas.

Thanks for having an Upstate New York Forum!

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cottagegardenwitch(zone 6)

hi to all my fellow western new yorkers and upstaters...

my name is kristen, 32, lifelong buffalonian. i'm new to the site, but not to gardening. my husband and i bought a 100+ yr old arts & crafts bungalow a few years ago, and i have been trying to create a cottage garden around its perimeter here in the city ever since. i tried doing my own seedlings for the first time last year, but had mixed results. this year, after much more education and preparation, i'm happy to say i'm sowing seedlings again with much more success!

i love everything old, and any specimen that can be cut for arrangements. i don't have much room in my little yard, so i don't have the luxury of space for a veggie/herb garden. however, i am going to try doing some tomatoes, cukes, and herbs in pots on the sunny patio. hopefully, it will go well.

i am always looking for plant/seed swaps and advice! and pics! i love to see what everyone has done, so please post or send along...i also started a perennial seed/plant swap group on facebook for wny'ers at:


if you use facebook and you're interested in getting to know some of your fellow local gardeners, please join!

happy spring to all!

Here is a link that might be useful: buffalo blooms & buds

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

Hello to all the newbies here! I am Penny and I live in N. Tonawanda in Niagara County. I am strictly a hummingbird gardener so many of my plants are southwestern or tropical. I also moderate the hummer Forum at network54 and I have a nectar plant group on yahoo. I spend the winter propagating plants some of which are wintersown and some done inside.


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Boy am I late to the roll call. Jonathan from Barrville in Sullivan County. This is my first year growing veggies in my 24x32 fenced garden. My garden is organic and contains pretty much everything. I am growing some exotic oriental veggies to spice up my mix.

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Hi All,
I have been a member of Garden Web for many years but have not used the site much. Since I found Tara's plant swap last year I have been here much more frequently :o) I am looking forward to the swap this year!!!!

I have a 100 acre farm between Rochester and Syracuse in the little township of Varick, in the heart of the Fingerlakes. I have been here 32 years, but a 26 year army career caused my plans for my farm to be put on hold. I retired in 2004 and am now slowly spreading my gardens around, though only have a drop in the bucket done so far. Most of my land is rented to a local farmer, but I have ponds and several gardens started. I really need an army of clones to accomplish what I would like to do, but that wont happen in my lifetime.

I have been gardening for most of my life, though most of that has been vegetable gardening. I have always gone 100% organic, which causes it's own issues with bugs and weeds, but just can't bring myself to use chemical controls. I grow most of my plants from seed, do a bit of propagation, buy some and swap with one of my sisters, my niece, and friends.

In addition to veggies, nut trees and a little fruit, I am into color and/or themed gardens, so I have a white garden, black and white garden, yellow gold garden, bird bee and butterfly garden, ornamental grass garden, frog pond garden, and am just getting started on what I call a citrus garden (orange lemon lime colored plants and flowers) a red garden and a bog garden. I had an herb garden but it has gone to wrack and ruin so I am pulling it out and making an echinacea garden there and will start over somewhere else with the herbs. I love willows and have plans for some living structures and fedges. I hope to put up a small greenhouse this year or next. I have been trying to get some pics up on Facebook, made possible since I bought my husband a hot new camera this year.

I was going to build a new house this year, but the farmhouse that was originally part of this farm looks as if it will be on the market sometime this year, so we will probably wait and see what happens with that first. the people who owned it put in a large pond many years ago, and dug it too deep so it never held water, and I have always dreamed of putting in a sunken garden there. Do I sound a bit ambitious? I AM crazy, that is definitely true.

My soil is very clayey, and very productive, so though it takes several years to get anything established, it usually does well once it takes hold. I tend to grow lots of things Brenda (gottagarden) calls INVASIVE - but they tend to keep under control in my heavier soil.

I have to go out and plant beans, so no more procrastinating on gw!

Nice to make your acquaintances, and hope to see lots of you at Tara's plant swap!


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Hello All... I just found the Garden WebSite due to a problem with my Fig Tree... I live in Orange County (Chester)and a newbie to the Garden World.

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lblack61(z5 NY)

Great post!
I'm Linda, I am a native of Rochester, but I moved to Oswego (North Scriba) about six years ago (which is just about when I started gardening).
I spend most of my GW time on the Winter Sowing Forum, but I thought with this cool summer weather, I'd check in the Upstate NY forum to commiserate. (I'm discovering the wonders of perennials and cool-weather veggies the past couple of summers.)

Hope everyone is having a great summer and if you live near me--or not--, feel free to drop me a line :-)


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hi i am cathleen, i have an 86 acre farm/former b+b in the portageville/letchworth area,great trout fishing on the wiscoy, had a blast at tara's swap as a firstimer this year, the gardens here must have been fantastic 40 years ago but fell into caos with about 20 yrs of neglect. Slowly i have been working at it and making it my own, gw has been a great resource, i will be trying winter sowing this year, happy gardening!

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