bluepalmJune 24, 2011

Hi. I had my first 2 Florigon mangos off of my father's tree. I was very disappointed. The mango was almost tasteless (to say it is "mild" is an understatement), with just a slight hint of citrus and somewhat creamy. It was a bit better down near the skin. This is the first year the tree has produced, so this may be affecting the taste. But it might get the ax in favor of a Rosigold or another variety. Any thoughts on the Florigon?

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I bought a bunch of them when I was down south a few weeks ago. They were by far the worst of the varieties that I bought. I actually ended up throwing away some off them. I was surprised because I had heard good things about them. Mine were not tasteless, but they all just had kind of an off taste to them.

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Rosigold is pretty average tasting, theyre great because they are the first to fruit and are ridiculously productive, I have to thin mine. they are better than store bought mangos by far. there are better dwarfs out there like pickering and angie

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I have had a couple of Rosigolds. I thought they were better than average; on the same level as a Kent/Keitt. But taste is subjective.

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Florigon has been generally well regarded by people I've talked to and in my experience, I happen to like it for its flavor and because its a precocious bearer that gets little to no anthracnose. But in my old tasting notes, the first time I tried it I described it as being bland/insipid.....I definitely have not had that experience with it since trying it many other times though.

I would describe the flavor/texture as being somewhat similar to 'Fairchild' which I suspect, like Florigon, also had some 'Saigon' parentage in it.

I say give the tree another chance before cutting it back. If its second crop still isn't to your liking then replace it with something with more richly pronounced flavor.....like a Carrie, for example. There's tons of other options, just throwing one out there.

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Yah, give it another season. Flavor can change from one year to the next depending on climatic factors. Many of the mangos that I've harvested this year have been a bit 'off' in terms of flavor.

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hmhausman(FL 10B)

These mangoes do vary in flavor from year to year. Florigon is a bit washed out this year for some reason. There have been better years. I think Fairchild is better than Florigon overall.....it consistantly has a better, more intense flavor. I agree with Squam, however....give it another year before you do anything rash.


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mangomandan(10 FL)

If at all possible, try to both: give it another year; and meanwhile plant another variety now, rather than waiting.

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I personally liked the taste of Florigon, but Like others say from year to year taste apparently varies. My Pickering for example was better last year than this. It was still good, but I think it might have to do with rainfall or heat difference... Who knows! I would give it another try, get the rosiegold smaller (cheaper), keep it potted for a year and if florigon disappoints next year then you already have a good sized back up. :)

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