Possible rooting or is it a dud?

cynjranaJune 5, 2014

I opened up this avocado yesterday and it was like this. I'm not sure if there's rooting going on, can't seem to see that far down. Can it be a possibility? I like to germinate avocado seeds in the hopes of an avocado plant. I know it won't produce fruit but the plant itself is beautiful. I have about 5 soaking with the toothpick method right now, including this one.

Also my heating mat came in, can I place the avocados on it? Will it help to germinate them?

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Sorry here's the pic

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And another

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Looks good. Just be patient. It can take anywhere from a week to a month to get it to sprout. I used to think my avocado pits were all duds, then I realized I wasn't giving them enough time. Don't be surprised if all 5 of yours sprout.

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Thanks I am trying really hard to be patientâ¦lol. I just wasn't sure if there was actually something going on with this. SOOO excited!!!!

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