Fast-growing evergreen screens

pbl_ge(5/6)January 1, 2012


We're new to the area, and have just removed a lot of invasive plants from our quarter acre in Amherst (privet, buckthorn, ivy). We are now unfortunately very exposed to our neighbors. We're probably going to be putting in a chain link fence (my husband's preferred option) to contain the dog that I'm insisting we get (marriage is all about compromise, right?).

So, we need some ideas for evergreen hedges that can grow on the inside of this fence, hiding both the fence and our neighbors' yards. We'd probably do a mix of things, perhaps in different areas, perhaps intermixed, so it's not totally boring. The soil samples we tested have consistently been between 6.9-7.1. As you'll see in the photo, there's also a fair bit of shade.

Eventually we'll be filling in other perennials in front of the hedge backdrop. (The back neighbors are getting ready to set up an ice skating situation.)

Would love some ideas for plants that would grow well in our zone (5) in this shade and soil condition.


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gottagarden(z5 western NY)

do you have deer problems? If not, arborvitae is a fast growing evergreen. Yew is slow and deer love it. boxwood is slow.

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bernd ny zone5(5)

In case you desire conifers, you should address the conifer forum and show your picture. Usually conifers want sun, but there might be some for shade. Always consider the width after many years. Though a privet hedge may be pruned and shaped easily, but you removed it.

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