Help! Been to a House Plant Sale Lately?

nanjowe(z5 ny)January 14, 2007

Okay I am organizing a Wintertime House Plant Sale. I have received many donated plants, some small cuttings and some of decent sizes. I have even made a catalogue of the plants to continue the sale incase we don't sell them all. My question is about pricing. I am not familiar with house plants, and the online prices I found seem high. Can I price them the same way Perennials are priced? ie according to pot size? AT the sale, is it better to sort them out according to price, or type or lighting required?

Any help will be appreciated

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

I haven't sold too many houseplants but the ones I have sold in the past have more or less been price by size. My baskets of Spider Plants usually went for around $5.00 b/c I had so many.

Sorting by lighting requirements may be a good way to go that way people will know right off the bat what works best for their location.


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I would price each and every plant. Some things are rarer and as such should get more. definitely price to sell.
Where will the sale be?

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nanjowe(z5 ny)

Thank you so much for the information. The difficult part is going to be determining which plants are rarer than others! I know plants like Spider Plants or peace lilies can be relatively common. But some bromiliads and opuntias are rare. WHats funny/strange to me, where I come from these "rare" plants are very common!
The sale is on the 20th January, in Worcester, NY at ST. Joseph's Hall. (worcester is about 50 miles from ALbnay down I-88)..
Thank you again for your replies..
Does anyone know a good indoor plant catalogue that help with the pricing?

Here is a link that might be useful: sale info

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