Michael Pollan Tomato

alexshrugged(10 (Sunset Zone 23))April 4, 2012

Forgive me if this has been discussed before, but I tried searching and couldn't find the answer. I recently bought at Michael Pollan plant, and the seller told me it was a small determinate (I am growing mostly in containers, and am already growing several indeterminate varieties from seed, so I really wanted something small). Then I came home, and found it on Tatiana's TomatoBase listed as an indeterminate. Anyone have any experience with it?


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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

I've never grown it.

The site which may not be named, in their database, says 6-8'. (That's one of their size categories.) There are no comments.

The French site Ventmarin likes to list height, but they don't know Michael Pollan at all.

Brad Gates own site doesn't give any useful info:

Aha! Local Harvest's page -- using Brad's description -- adds height information of 4-6'.

Whether any of this is what you'll see with your seeds, in your container, is anyone's guess.

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DWD2(10a, Sunset 17)

alexshrugged, I grow Michael Pollan. It is an indeterminate, green/yellow, small plum tomato that gives big clusters of fruit with terrific flavor (IMO).

Good luck with your garden!

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alexshrugged(10 (Sunset Zone 23))

Bah! Thanks to you both! Looks like I'll need to scrounge up a bigger pot. Slowly but surely, my collection of tomatoes threatens to take over my whole deck....

Glad to know it will taste good, and be worth the extra effort!!

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austinnhanasmom(5 CO)

Definitely not a determinate!

Indeterminate ALL the way. Prolific.

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