WANTED: To hear from Lewisville swap.

yoyo75052(N-TX)March 5, 2006

I really like the swap at Lewisville Learning Center. Very good organization, nice garden tour, nice ppl... I always have fun there. But I was surprised we didn't have that many ppl last Autumn swap. And now spring, I haven't heard from them. I wonder if there's a swap this Spring? Anyone knows? Thanks. TT

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Yes there is a swap date for Lewisville.
April 29th.
It's not unusual for our Fall swaps to be smaller.
Looking foward to seeing everyone

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Thank you Ondrea. I was a little worry not to hear about the swap. But feel much better now :). See you all there. TT

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texas_eyes(Zone 7)

Where can we find more info on the Spring Swap, Please.


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PKponder TX(7b)

I'd love to come, but have a really limited number of land plants. Ondrea, do you think anyone would be interested in pond or bog plants? We just donated a truckload of extra terrestrial plants to a friend that just bought a new house.
What I have to give:
Spider Lily (Hymenocallis caroliniana)
Lizard's tail (Saururus cernuus)
Green Taro (Colocasia esculenta)
Louisiana Iris ...dark purple
Parrot feather (Myriophyllum aquaticum)
Anacharis ...oops, just saw that this is restricted, so I won't bring it.
I also have some small lily tubers, unfortunately unnamed because I got them in trades and I'm unsure..there are dark pink and yellow, may have some Colorado by then too.

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pk, Yes I believe the man, Steve, who is in charge of LISDOLA still needs bog and pond plants for the ponds at LISDOLA.
They are also looking for grasses.

I'll bring some rooted roses and Baby yuccas, because they are already potted up and ready to trade away.
Not sure what else I will have time to divide up.

Ya'll don't forget to bring something to munch and drink.
Swapping makes you hungry!

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txgardengal(Zone 7)

As a newbie gardener can I get more info on whats involved in the Lewisville "swap"?

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Here's a list of what I plan to bring:

* 'Silver Mound' Artemisia cuttings which have been rooted and transfered to pots with soil ready to plant now. (about 20)

* rosemary cuttings which have been put in potting soil --I did them last weekend so I doubt they've rooted yet they'll need to be kept moist and in the shade until they do. (about 10)

* Moonflower bush seedlings, dug up and put in pots. These will need to be put back in the ground asap. (about 20)
I can dig up more if I hear back today that there are lots of people wanting them.

* about 15 tomato cages -- I give up.

I'm not asking anything in trade for these -just promise me you'll give them a home.

I am interested in getting some cuttings from some hardy hibiscus later in the season, after they've come up
and passion flower vine, I want to try again.

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PKponder TX(7b)

I think I can split my hardy hibicus (have to dig it up for my move anyway) if you want more than a cutting. I don't know the variety, I got it in a swap from a lady in Iowa...It's got a fairly large (saucer-sized) deep maroon bloom...I can't remember what color the centers are, maybe maroon also. I'll bring it anyway...you have first dibs ;-)


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Thanks Pam! I would love to have a piece of your plant it sounds very pretty.

and Txgardengal, I'm sorry I didn't notice your post until just now. At the swap, we get together with all our extra or unwanted plants to trade/swap/give them away rather than pitch 'em in the trash.

Feel free to come even if you don't have anything to offer. Eventually you will.

We also have a pot luck going and everyone brings some kind of garden "thing" (besides a plant) to be exchanged. (books, garden art, tools, or anything else along those lines)

A good portion of my garden beds have come from the swaps or gifts from the Texas Garden Fairies. The only reason they look anything like they do is because of the help and advice I've gotten from that group of people. I was such a clueless wonder when I first showed up. (and still am, when compared to these people!)

I hope you do make the trek to check us out.

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