dragon fruit cutting question

mulleniumJune 28, 2012

after the winds lastnight i went out to check on my plants, one of my cuttings from over the winter looked like it was flopped over so i inspected it and the internal stem that grows inside the dragon fruit 'arms' looked like somehow it pulled out?

its hard to explain

the dragon fruit cutting seemed like it slid up that internal stem causing it to flop over, i tried to push the green part back down so the stem would go back inside but in turn snapped that stem.. so now I have the green part of a dragon fruit with about 3 nodes growing vertical, and the stick stem park with all the roots on the end.. i planted them both back in the same pot and just going to see what happens

has anyone had that happen before?

I was reading online and ppl say to cure your cutting for a week before planting them, is that to dry the internal stem up to make it so it doesnt slide around the inside of theplant? cuz this cutting i just planted it right away

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its mainly to prevent rot. just dont stick it in wet soil. slightly moist is ok, but dont water for 2 weeks.

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If it came away like that it seems the rot was in there. Normally those parts don't separate so easily. But yes, you can leave them drying off for quite a while without any detriment to the plant (in shade). And if you lay them on damp soil roots will soon start and go down.

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