Rotting mango seed

beto_borjasJune 7, 2014

Hey yall I've been growing a mango seed in a damp paper towel for about two days now but an area of the seeds that's about less than an inch long is starting to rot. I want to know if it can still grow since it is pretty far from where the root and stem will pop out. Please help I'm very interested in growing a mango tree I don't want this pretty healthy seed to go to waste. Thank you, Robert.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Robert, I'm not an expert on growing mango from seed, but since you've gotten this far I would say let it go and see "if" it continues to sprout, you have nothing to lose at this point. Good luck!!

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persoanlly, i would take it out,
and wash it off in hydrogen peroxide.

you can use the stuff from the store
look on the bottle and make sure of the percentage
it should be between 2 and 4 %
i would cut that in 1/4 at least

(dilute 1 part HP with 4 or 5 parts water)

use an old toothbrush, or something to gently rub the fungus off

let is sit in solution for 2-3 mins
rinse well...

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