Solar Fire and Black Krim - Fertilizer advice?

wakko(8)April 9, 2012

Central Texas, Austin

Recently bought a Solar Fire and Black Krim tomatoes to grow this season. put them in the soil and added some miracle grow and mixed it with the existing soil and added some cedar mulch on top. Now i'm just wondering if i need to add anything else to the soil to help them grow?

I've been watering them every couple days.

any comments on these two varieties are greatly appreciated especially the solar fire hybrid.

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If they are outside, water every 5 to 7 days, if no rain. after a rain wait 5-7 days to water. fertilizer is good. you want to give them a side dressing after 1st fruit set. some people feed them at two week intervals with mircle grow half strenth. Good luck Bill

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