Desert heat and tropicals

franktank232(z5 WI)June 30, 2011

How do the tropical plants handle this? Won't mangoes just cook right on the tree?

Lots and lots of water? Shade? Do any of you desert dwellers see any damage from this sort of thing?

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Tc of your lychee and longan and jackfruit ,, lychee especially needs lots of mulching and misting all the day ,,


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The plants are fine with the heat, its the sun that kills. Shade after 11 works for my jungle. I run the lawn sprinklers in the am for 15 minutes and the wet groung creates about 50-60% humidity thruout day. NO misting tho, junk in the water builds up on leaves and chokes them. Mangoes like the sun and heat. Curry and starfruit fold their leaves in in full sun and reopen when passed. New growth on sapote gets a little wilty but bounces back 30 minutes later. Black sapote gets filtered sun and is putting out tons of blossoms. Lots of longan fruiting. Guavas starting. Champaka has a gazillon flowers. Heat is overated. Deal with the sun and the rest is easy. June is the worst month cuz of the dryness, July is my favorite cuz we get moisture and everything comes to life. My yard will look like the amazon in about 2 weeks.

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franktank232(z5 WI)

That is great. I figured everything would just turn crispy brown! We will be 98F tomorrow and heat index near 109F. I just water everything good and try to shade young plants. 119F is just insane! Good luck and stay in the AC like me.

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Wow is this close to record heat? It has indeed warmed up quite a bit out here in coastal socal.

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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

Frank - Palm Springs MDog here - we're hitting 115 today and 117 tomorrow. The large mangos handle it fine - both the fruit and the tree - although any fresh new growth does take a hit. It really accelerates ripening of the fruit too. I've draped screening material over my young mangos and that seems to do the trick....

And again - every part of the yard has its micro-climate. The two small mango trees planted next to the pond seem to handle this heat with no protection. I do have mangos planted on the west side of a western-facing wooden fence that has a vine on it, but the reflected heat does make them suffer a bit, so they get covered too. In fact a larger mango gets an umbrella tilted west in front of it - like a tourist at the beach! And its now flushing without any damage to the new growth.....

I've also got some mangos planted under large palm trees - and they LOVE the dappled shade that comes and goes during the day.....each location has diff. requirements in my yard...

but yeah, it is at the limit of what they can stand and i'm sure they'd appreciate it if it got reduced at least 10 degrees...and of course, at least 20 total minutes of watering each day for most of my stuff.....


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newgen(9 Central California)

Mangodog: When you say 20 minutes of watering each day, does it mean deep, slow drip watering, or a sprinkler spraying for 20 minutes? Thanks,

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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

well newgen....its a mix - cuz I've planted some mangos among ground cover and others sit more alone, so I have both spraying sprinklers and drip and some deeper 1/2 pvc soaker attachments. I've just played around to see what works I suppose..... and that would be 10 min. twice a day....


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franktank232(z5 WI)

Interesting. I see the heat has dropped a lot in Phoenix, and now the humidity has risen. My guess is the plants appreciate that.

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My coffee bush is full of beans. 2 black sapote tees have fruit. Heat is overated, sun is the killer.

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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

...that's VERY INTERESTING and true Phxplantaddict!!!

I've got one mango tree planted on a western fence with a full beach umbrella hanging over it....and the temp can get up to 120 in there, but the little flushes of growth that were sun-burning last month are now perfectly green and pushing...pushing...pushing....

Sun IS the crispy least in our climates......


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