Growing erica carnea in New York??

yoyobon_gwFebruary 20, 2014

I'm reading one of my favorite writers of cozy English books....Beverley Nichols.
He writes with humor about refurbishing a 1930's cottage and gardens in England in " Down The Garden Path".

I find that his reference to various flowers, especially winter flowering types has piqued my interest.

Does anyone know if it is possible to grow erica carnea ( winter heather) in New York ?

All the sites I have found regarding this plant are UK sites.

Thanks for your help :0)

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Although Erica carnea is listed for Zone 5a it requires a special planting technique to keep it growing for years. This is the method I used in the Zone 5 upstate area. Dig a shallow planting hole, Place a good sized flat rock a few inches in the hole flat and plant the Erica sideways with all the roots under the rock. Fill in the planting hole, covering the rock with a bit of soil if you wish. Plant foliage will turn and grow upright again shortly. The flat rock protects the roots from freezing. May be a bit of winter burn depending on snow cover but heather should recover well. This technique can be used for any perennial on the questionable edge of a growing zone.

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