Mango suckering a question with no answer?

stanofhJune 4, 2010

Of the Mango's I have tried..none have been so aggressive at suckering below the graft as Bailys. I just took off a half dozen red shoots off a ~5' potted plant.

First off-is it grafted? or is it possible its a cut made to slow its growth by the nursery?

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hmhausman(FL 10B)

I haven't experienced this issue with Bailey's Marvel.....or any other healthy grafted mango for that matter. There have been the very occasional growth out of the root stock, but it is rare. It is important that you "nip these new growths in the bud" so to speak as if you let them get any size, any self respecting rootstock will prefer to grow its own rather than what you want it to grow. The first question I would ask, to which you will probably have no answer, is what is the root stock a seedling of? I guess there could be the possibility of some incomaptability that is causing the root stock to reject the grafted on cultivar. However, I think that it is more likely that the grafted portion has some health issues and that is causing the root stock to ignore what has been grafted ontop of it, in favor of growing itself out. A picture of the whole tree might be helpful.


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if its Bailys Marvel it would have to be grafted, as it doesnt come true from seed. a nursery wouldnt cut a tree like that, its definitely a graft line. that would be almost like girdling which shocks the tree bringing it near death and sometimes causes fruiting.

the problem is either the rootstock which may have been the right cultivar for rootstock, just a bad seedling, one that didnt come true.
or the graft because the tree can not push energy through the graft, it will push out all its and bud below it,

either way just keep below the graft line clean of any budding, only thing you can do really

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Thanks guys. It wasnt until yesterday I took a close look at the graft-yep it is. It even has a kink from the side grown graft. The top seems well-flushing,but the bottom half wont stop with the suckers. Im telling you,Im going to be very dissapointed if its a weak fruiter. I know my Manila's at that size by now would have flowered and have little Mango's on them.
Its like the foliage part takes real chill easy..but wont flower until its hot?

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tammysf(9b/10a or sz15/16)

hi stan,

i am having the same problem here in norcal. my 4.5-5 foot glenn mango tree from laverne has about a dozen suckers. i was out of town last week and just noticed them yesterday. i think the rootstock is manilla and i wouldn't mind it that took off.

do you guys think i should pinch all the suckers off or see how it goes.

the tree is currently blooming. it survived the winter outdoors without any protection.

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Hi Tammy,
I would not let those suckers grow. It will take the most nutrition and moisture from your tree. Think of the sucker as a cancerous tumor. It will eventually take over and kill the glenn. My cogshall did the same thing for a while last winter. I think I removed about 6 shoots off the root graft and then it stopped. Even if the root graft grew and produced fruit, I would question if the fruit would be that good or not.

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again i cant reiterate how important it is to trim the suckers, especially in your case where there is a kink in the graft, thats probably the reason your getting so much suckering in the first place.

if you keep below the graft line clean eventually the tree will push more energy through the graft making it one solid tree instead of a grafted kink.

if you dont then the rootstock will definitely cause the growth of the scion to suffer

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Well,here we are in near 2013 and the top graft died last winter at only a morning of 32f. Now the bottom didn't,and has made a nice comeback through the summer of 2012.
So,Its now a Haden?..curious that when it fruited in summer of 2012,it had ripe fruit above AND below the graft. And both tasted the same.
I could live with a hardy Haden.

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Well,its near 2014 and the rootstalk won. Its a different tree now. Not the tall narrow Baileys it was. As I said last year,the below the graft fruit had the same taste as above. If its grafted on 'Turpentine' then I'm on new ground as to what that's going to be like in NorCal.
Looks good. But now the long wait for flowering and fruit and taste. I can tell after getting Manila and Baileys to fruit here in the bay area..our cool climate gets them to fruit when at a small size.
Just the wait..

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Grafted mangos will fruit 'early'. Technically, the graft is really an old tree, just a bit shorter and not on its original rootstock.

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The below the graft ALSO fruited at the same time the above the graft in 2011. One fruit that grew off the trunk. It tasted fine.
But now that its ALL rootstalk, who knows when it will have fruit.

BUT, I know Rodney has said many of those big Mangoe trees in L.A. were grown from seed regular people planted out from supermarket fruit. And he said they tasted fine also. If they had bland fruit,I know most people wouldn't even keep the tree.

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