Longan leaves curling with a brown spot

amrkhalidoJune 9, 2011

From Jun 9, 2011 From Jun 9, 2011

and this is the second longan small tree to have such thing ,, the first was a biew kiew and it died eventually ,, this is a kohala ,,

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Salts in the water? Is it airlayered? If so do you have a moisture meter? Try checking the moisture level right at the airlayer and the soil around it. I've had the soil a couple inches away be moist but the soil directly around the airlayer be completely dry.

good luck,

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Ethan ,, thank u ,, i will certainly try to see whether its salty water or i did over fertilize it ,, cause i heard lots of talks about over fertilizing harms and especially its air layered and was shipped soon from the US to Egypt ,,


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