Red Lady Papaya - F1 Hybrid ?

greenman62June 19, 2013

I purchased a papaya from Wall Mart a couple of years ago.
So started my Papaya voyage...

I looked up the bar code and found out it was a Red Lady.
I beleive this is a F1 hybrid ?

Does anyone know what types the parents were, and what would be the outcome of my seed from the store bought fruit ?

They are mature now, and pretty good tasting, but i would still like to know what i have.
I bought a few seeds from Aloha seed, but they are growing VERY slow for some reason.
I want mature trees of different varieties so i can cross them and experiment :)
If anyone is knowledgeable on crossing, or differences on the varieties, i would love your input as well...


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These hybrids have either female flowers or hermaphrodite flowers. so if no other papaya varieties are around they should come up true to type.

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I have several mature trees
for some reason they ALL seem to be herm's

its odd though, that the fruit is a different shape.
things may be different because of temp differences
some of the fruit is just dropping now which has been on the tree since the fall....
they stopped growing in the winter time.

i am obviously picking them much later too, but the color also seems strange to me.
they seem tpo be ripening funny...
green on the bottom and orange on top ?

the outside gets orange, (mostly) while the inside is still a bit hard.

thanks much for the response!

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