Steven Virgadamo- Neophyte gardner

StevenVirgadamoApril 16, 2014

Hi - I Steven Virgadamo a new member from Ct. I am a neophyte gardner, but am looking forward to establishing a vegetable garden this summer. When is best to transplant seeds outside in Ct.

Thank you.

Steve Virgadamo

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

Welcome, Steven! I used to live in Connecticut (probably well before you were born) and there are some other Connecticut folks here....

Are you transplanting seeds (seems unlikely), planting seeds in the garden, or transplanting seedlings? You'll have the best luck transplanting seedlings, which can be done once the danger of frost has passed.

You can ask your County Extension agent when that is likely to be. Click on your region for contact info:

You may also want to add your USDA Plant Hardiness Zone info on your member page (so you don't have to enter it in the Zone box each time you post). Enter your zip code at the top left here to find your zone:
The USDA zones only tell an area's average winter low temperature -- and therefore which plants are likely to survive from one year to the next -- but it often gives a general idea of the climate a poster is working with, as well as the rough length of the growing season.

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Hi Steven, what part of CT are you in, and what are you looking to grow? We got almost an inch of rain yesterday and Litchfield County had snow last night (we're on the border with Hartford Cty didn't get much but it's still on the shaded areas right now). Really a little wet to plant out now, but as soon as it dries out a little it will be time to direct-seed peas, lettuce, cold-hardy veggies like chard, radishes, and carrots.

Mid-May or so you can plant beans (when soil gets to 60, get a cheap AC thermometer at auto parts store), then a little later (65 degree soil) you can put in cukes, squash, melons, pumpkins, corn, etc.

Depending on where you are you can put transplants like tomatoes (since we're on tomato forum I assume that's mainly what you're interested in) in mid to late May, peppers might have to wait until June, soil temp should be 65-70 and you want to make sure the plants are hardened off, make sure it's a couple weeks after your last frost date.

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Thank you. I am on the Ct. Shoreline. - Guilford actually. Glad to know it is best to wait to mid to late May for tomatoes. How many days can I expect before fruit is available for an heirloom plant?

Graciously - Steve Virgadamo

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I'd have to check Guilford but shoreline is 1 USDA zone "warmer" than the hills of NW CT (I'm at 1000ft). So your last frost date may be early May, not mid-May like ours. Though who knows this year.

Do you have the plants already? What variety(ies)? There are lots of "heirlooms" so it varies, but at least 2 months and maybe 3 after transplanting.

You want to put tomatoes out 1-2 weeks after last frost (so start hardening them off around your frost date), some people say peppers can go out the same time but they really don't like nights under 50 when tomatoes will be fine, so I wait another week or 2 for them (and eggplant).

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Looks like Guilford is 6b so last frost date is Apr. 30th with plant out around mid-May. So if you have the tomato plants - you don't say - then how do you plan to grow them? In the ground or in containers? If in ground, what garden soil prep have you done? If in containers, what size containers and what container mix will you be using?

If you haven't bought them yet - I assume you will be buying them since it is too late to start them from seed - do you know what specific "heirloom" varieties are available for you to buy?

Let's get them planted correctly and actually growing before we worry about when you will have fruit as that all depends on the variety and the growing conditions you provide for them. :)


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