have: FW Plant Swap: Important Etiquette Reminder

sylviatexas1April 6, 2008

Although traders might decide to trade nice plants for a handful of magic beans or to simply give their plants away, it isn't reasonable to expect them to & it's certainly not polite to simply state that you want their plants or to state that you *will* trade your offering for theirs.

When you request something, please remember to offer something in return, to *ask* the trader if your offer is agreeable, & to keep in mind the equibility of the trade.


If I want someone's 5 David Austin roses, I wouldn't just say I want them without either offering something specific or asking the trader to look at my trade list & let me know.

If I have something in mind to trade, I would make sure my offering is something equally as nice as the roses, maybe a couple of whiskey barrels or some such.

& I'd ask the trader if she wants to trade;

maybe she has no use for whiskey barrels or can't get them into her car or isn't able to wrestle with the huge heavy things, or maybe someone has already offered her something that she'd like more than my whiskey barrels.

A little thought & a little thoughtfulness will make our swap a happy experience for everyone, & I'm looking forward to seeing everyone enjoy the swap.

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forgot to include this thought:

It isn't yours until your trade partner says it is.

Do not take anything from anyone else's stuff until you are face-to-face with the person & the person agrees.

Even if your name is on the box, find the trader & make sure she still wants to trade for what you're bringing (does anyone remember the year a newcomer brought just-sprouted plants? the plants were less than 1/2" tall, & she had to dig them out of their common pots to put them into individual pots; hardly anyone wanted to trade their healthy, well-rooted plants for those tiny, fragile seedlings).

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Although Brenda & Ruben are generous & always say, "we love doing this", it does cost them some money, so please bring them something for their trouble/expense (especially important if your party is a large one).

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carrie751(z7/8 TX)

Sylvia, how well put !!! I also like to think of it as an exchange of information from all the great gardeners that attend. For me, it is never what I get out of it, but feeling as if I have offered a fair trade and the other person is happy as well.
It is almost time, and I know we will all enjoy it!
Thank you for all you do to make it a success!!!

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Sylvia , you said it! I agree, completely. I want everyone to have a great, interesting, gardening adventure!
Thanks girlfriend - tina_2

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If any one had a whiskey barrel to trade, I would be very happy to make it a great trade for them. I could not agree more about the ediquet post. I have witnessed some that were unfair to one trader, but they were too nice to refuse. Unfortunately, there seem to be some that don't get this message and are repeat offenders, if you will. christy

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Lin barkingdogwoods

I have a question on who is responsible for "packaging" the traded plants? I don't have enough boxes/tops for the plants I'm trading out - do I need to get more or is it up to the recipient to bring something to carry their plants?


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carrie751(z7/8 TX)

Lin, I for one, will be able to provide containers for my plants, if this helps any. I am bringing the cannas bareroot, and just bringing newspaper for them to be wrapped in. Some things are just too difficult to pot up. Also, the aretemisia will have to be divided once I get there.

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Hi - Well, I usually have most things potted. That, is the hardest part. Most traders, bring help or park near you - to load up. Especially, if it's a large trade. I like many other gardeners - always, bring a wagon. It really, helps me out.
And sometimes, people ask to use it. My health issues, put a damper on lugging big pots of plants. So, you should not worry. There are usually, lots of helpers running around. Besides, gardeners are really helpful people. At one swap, a ladies young son offered to be my helper. thanks - tina_2

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Everyone on planet Earth has plastic grocery bags stuffed in a drawer, closet, basket, crock or cranny somewhere around the house. If you don't have pots enough, a little earth, moist newspaper and a plastic gocery sack make great temporary pots. They keep the car clean too as you hurry home with your treasures. And if you tie them up right it's easy to get spouse and spouslings to help carry them to your garden for you. Cheryl

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I've traded plumeria for cherry tomato seedlings, brugmansia for seeds, bromeliads for unrooted cuttings.. It just depends on what you want in return. I'm bringing stuff that is extra out of my garden. Stuff I've rooted cause I can't throw anything out, pot up every tiny seedling, root cuttings I find in alleys or trash piles, I can't see a plant abandoned! I drag them home & wonder why.
If you showed up at my house I'd give you a shovel & help you dig pretty much anything that can be divided. Or take cuttings of it. I try & bring home less than I take & one of these days may come home with nothing.

Other people only want to trade like for like, a big rooted plant for the same thing. This is a personal choice. But me, I LIKE to trade a big blooming plumeria for a tomato seedling-the newbie that I traded with was soooo happy, and now she is rooting cuttings of that same plumeria & sharing it with others. It just makes you feel good to see someone so happy that they got a plant they adore & it cost you a pittance if anything. Potting soil is still pretty afordable and you can get empty pots from everywhere-everyone I know saves them for me. Warm fuzzies are the best thing in life and nothing is warmer than a happier gardener.

Relax and enjoy the swaps, don't get uptight and freak out, make trades that make you happy, think about your plants going to new homes & brightening lives.
Tally HO!
Oh, and come to the island. I have shovels, cutters, bug spray, empty pots, plastic bags, newspaper and a cool place to rest. No ice though, bring your own, I hate ice.

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Lin barkingdogwoods

Thanks, all. Most of my plants are potted (Water plants and Cannas are the exception, but I may be able to get the cannas into a pot) - but I know how hard it can be to get things from one spot to your car, and thought I'd rely on the experience of previous exchanges to see what else I needed to bring.


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I agree with Tally. Warm fuzzies for me. I usually just bring plants to give away because it makes people happy and that makes me happy. Some people need to be reminded that they are not to take plants off tables without asking, and not to take plants under tables or in carts or wagons because those are acquired plants from trades. All swappers feel differently about how they want to trade. If in doubt, ask the swapper.

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Sylvia, this is great info for all swaps, and should be kept at the top of this page.

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shadester(7-8 TX)

Tally is right and we have traded alot in the past and will in the future.......We want to trade for something good and unusual, but we will trade or give away alot of plants, just to hear a "THANK YOU". If no one has anything I need now, but I have something they want, I say they can owe me..........(whats up with the ICE thing Tally)
David in Arlington

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found this while browsing, thought it bears "repeating".

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