First Carrie mango of the season.

pbcbobJune 18, 2014

Hello everyone, this is my first posting but for the past 3 years I have learned a incredible amount of information about growing mangos in the home garden setting. I have a Carrie mango tree that's 5 years old, a 4 year old Dot, a 2 year old Cogshall and 2 year old MaHa. This morning my wife looked down from the balcony and saw a tinge of yellow on the in ground carrie tree. We have about 50 mangos on the 5 year old Carrie tree. Most of the carries have a yellowish blush but are still firm to touch. My wife went down to investigate and found the mango had good color and was ripe to touch. A slight twist to the 3 o'clock position and it was in hand no problem. After lunch today we shared the Carrie. It was about 12 - 13 ounces, sweet, juicy, silky smooth almost custard like and completely fiberless. I can't describe the complexity of the taste and various undertones but I can say that it was absolutely all that I have read about and hoped that it would be. So as of June 18 we enjoyed our first Carrie mango. Anyone else in zone 10b have Carrie's ripening at this time? My in ground Dot have 4 mangos and appear to have 4 or more weeks to go. Last year we had 6 mangos on the Carrie and this year a little more than 50 at this time with a deeper richer flavor. No chemicals fertilizers used at all during the past year could be the reason. I'm still a novice at this but enjoy the pleasure of gardening and reading this forum for information.

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Well Bob - sounds like you've graduated from "novice" to successful farmer! Boy, that Carrie mango sounded great!
All my mangoes (I live in So. California) are still about a month away from tasting....



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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Congrats on your first home grown mango, that's amazing you have SO many of them on your tree...I'm very glad you like the flavor and taste...

I'm a minority when it comes to Carrie, I've had a few and I'm not a fan of this had a piney/herb/strong flavor that did not agree with me...but I know there are many people that love this mango...

Enjoy the rest of your fruits...isn't it wonderful to finally harvest and enjoy the fruits of your hard labor!!

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Myamberpup, I'll take that pat on the back because I'm feeling very proud of the results. I had great weather, great advice and Mother Nature did a big part. Puglvr1, my small crop last year had those taste notes or qualities that you described and it left me a little dismayed because I was expecting a little more. Puglvr1 your description of a carrie mango as being piney, herb strong flavor was somewhat accurate of my last years small crop. Last year I described it as spicy and sweet. I'm not the best at trying to describe a mango flavor because often there is so much going on. Why they are amazing this year, can't really say but I did follow your advice puglvr1 on many occasions and today's sampling was everything I expected and more.

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