Mango Trees in Jamaica

ValarJune 4, 2014

Hi Guys you probably don,t remember but I live in London UK and I wanted some Mango trees for our garden in Jamaica...

Well I have gone ahead and have done it....
I bought 2 x Nam Doc Mai, 2 x Pickering, 1 x Mallicka, 1 x Cogshall,
1 x Maha Chanook and 1 x Sweetheart Lychee

I bought them from PIN and POG

It was a mission getting them at Jamaica Customs but all was well

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Congrats! Nice selection.

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I agree with your nice selection too, and I trust that you have green thumb when repot them. I used 3 gal plastic pots for mine small 3 gal plants with soil-less grow material. I was very careful in the process and had good result: all 5 mango plants live and not a single leaf has fallen off yet after 3 months or so. They are all in ground now with new flush of leaves or flowers. Plants were shipped from Florida to Southern California.

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No I dont have green fingers, the trees were barerooted I guess from Tuesday until I got them on Friday. I soaked them all in a barrel of water for the first night then potted them the next day. Quite a few leaves have dropped off but reading various posts this is to be expected so at the moment I am not too worried.
If I could just leave them in the pots I am fairly sure they would be ok but I have to fly home on 13th June and they have to be in the ground before I leave.
Should I wait until the last minute to replant them? Any thing else that I can do?

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Congrats and best of luck with your new mango trees!!!

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Leave them in pots or plant them on ground but make sure they are in shade from the hot sun, and have water supply.


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Better to plant them earlier, then you can give them some attention for the first week. Also, plants in pots are more vulnerable if you're not going to be around for some time. They're best planted where they'll get the full sun they need as they grow. If you feel they might need some shade at this stage you could put up some shade cloth over each tree to protect it around the middle of the day. Morning and evening sun wouldn't be a problem, in fact it would be beneficial.

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